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Global Traffic Management Solutions

Intelligent and Automated Traffic Steering for Enterprises

NS1 offers a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use policy decision engine. Diverse infrastructure and internet telemetry data are used to route application traffic and optimize performance, reliability, and cost for modern businesses.

Benefits of Global Traffic Management Solutions

Deliver the best possible customer experience

Never send your customers to an overloaded datacenter or endpoint again. Our intelligent traffic management capabilities automatically adjust to dynamic changes in workloads, capacity, and network conditions, so your customers always route to the best possible option for fast and reliable service.

Improve website and application availability

When outages happen we can help automatically steer application traffic away from unresponsive endpoints so your business can continue operating and serve your customers online. Our integrations for leading monitoring services like AWS Cloudwatch, Data Dog, and New Relic allow you to use real-time monitoring data to inform your traffic management policy decisions.

Manage your application delivery and traffic flows across any environment

Manage traffic across all your environments, getting the most out of your multi-cloud strategy. With our global traffic management capabilities you can monitor performance and costs, manage capacity, gradually on-ramp new software-defined infrastructures, realize blue-green deployments and solve complex traffic distribution challenges.

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How NS1 Can Help You:

Failover and Disaster Recovery

Improve reliability and resilience in cases where the service provider has problems. Our advanced DNS routing lets you quickly detect failure and perform smart failover to resources that will provide a good experience for users.

GTM Failover and Disaster Recovery
Resource Automated Failover with NS1

Automated Failover with NS1: UP + Priority Filters

Multi-CDN Management

Further optimize your multi-CDN environment while controlling costs and mitigating risk with our intelligent traffic steering. Control how users are routed across multiple CDNs with an easy-to-use administration interface.

GTM Multi CDN Management
Multi-CDN Made Easy

Multi-CDN Made Easy

Migrate to Software-Defined Load Balancing

Gain the flexibility, control and visibility you need to seamlessly evaluate and migrate to new application infrastructure that supports your dynamic application needs.

GTM Migrating to Software Defined Load Balancing


Filter Chains ™

Our unique Filter Chain ™ technology enables you to define how traffic should be routed across a dynamic global environment in an intuitive visual way. With Filter Chains, you can build a sequence of precise traffic routing policies based on multiple filters and sorting methods.


Our Monitors allow you to collect real-time updates from a number of supported services so that you can make intelligent and automatic routing decisions as infrastructure and internet conditions change, so that you can avoid sending users to an unhealthy or unavailable endpoint.

GTM Monitoring

Location Aware Routing

Our solution enables the network to perform proximity-based routing for every user request and can restrict or block requests.

GTM Location Aware Routing

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NS1 offers a Starter Package for customers onboarding to the Enterprise DDI and Private DNS products. This offering includes access to NS1’s professional services experts.

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