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Edge-to-Cloud Networking

Consistent, comprehensive, and secure application connectivity across all network footprints

Deploy and connect business-critical applications at scale, from the cloud to the distributed edge, with our global DNS infrastructure.

Application Infrastructure for Hyperconnected Enterprises

Scaling and deploying applications internally and externally, from the cloud to the distributed edge, requires a global, reliable, and centrally managed application networking stack, built on a strong DNS foundation.

Ensure Reliability and Performance of Business-Critical Applications with NS1

Our global DNS infrastructures enable organizations to deploy and connect internal enterprise applications and public-facing internet applications across multiple deployment surfaces, while ensuring the highest levels of reliability, performance, and security.

Automate Key Workflows, Routine Maintenance, and More

Our API-first design integrates with key service orchestration tools like Hashi Consul and application monitoring tools like Catchpoint and ThousandEyes, so your teams can automate application management.

Ensure High Availability for Your Internal and External Applications

Provide high and consistent performance & availability for all users with redundant, secure DNS infrastructure.

Simplified Management for Complex Networking Environments

In modern enterprises, applications are hosted across data centers, private and public clouds, collocation sites, and CDNs. Consolidate management by unifying your external and internal DNS solutions.

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Edge-to-Cloud Networking Solutions from NS1

Managed DNS

A next-generation, API-driven DNS solution with the most complete security, granular reporting and comprehensive integrations that gives you the tools and controls to deliver the best application experiences with high resilience at scale.

Hero Managed DNS 1

Dedicated DNS

Physically and logically separate next-generation DNS provisioned just for you, anywhere. Our Dedicated DNS solution includes every feature of the NS1 platform, so you don’t sacrifice performance and security for resiliency.

Ns1 hero dedicated dns compressed

Managed DNS for China

Get a 10X performance boost for your Mainland China audience. NS1 offers the world’s first DNS platform to offer full modern Traffic Management capabilities locally for China-specific domains. Managed DNS for China is powered by delivery nodes in key markets including Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, and Shenzhen.

Ns1 hero managed dns for china compressed

Benefits of NS1's Edge-to-Cloud Networking Solutions

Connectivity from the Edge to the Cloud and Beyond

We provide connectivity for your internal and external applications everywhere your applications run: on-premises, public clouds, private clouds or hybrid clouds.

Industry-Leading Network Speed

Our global network speed is consistently faster than all other Managed DNS providers, with propagation speeds at near real-time updates to all edge facilities (<150ms).

DNS Security and DDoS Resilience

Our network exceeds ICANN recommendations for DNS security practices, and includes DNSSEC without sacrificing dynamic traffic steering. We protect against DDoS attacks through a combination of capacity, novel network design, and innovative tools.

API-First Design

Our modern, RESTful, API-first design means every action can be automated, logged, and monitored. We integrate with key toolkits and applications your team is likely already using.

Best-in-Class DNS Performance in China

Our Managed DNS for China is the only best in class Managed DNS platform with traffic steering inside the territory. Managed DNS for China and Nameserver Acceleration mitigate performance impact of the “great firewall” for global or .cn domains, with a 2.5x improvement in DNS performance.

Global Anycast Network

Our Managed DNS, Dedicated DNS, and Managed DNS for China solutions are delivered as highly available SaaS services on our global anycast network, so you can connect your applications globally and scale connectivity as your application footprint grows.

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