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Edge DNS

Easily deploy and manage DNS, anywhere

It’s easy to feel trapped in a DNS solution. You want more flexibility, simpler operations, more support for automation. Yet changing such a critical piece of the network involves too much effort and risk. NS1 Edge DNS delivers the agile, innovative service you need with the flexibility to deploy anywhere, quickly. We currently offer Edge DNS to selected design partners.

DNS Designed for the Network Edge

NS1 built Edge DNS for the specific challenges of edge networks, where resources are at a premium, configurations have to be simple, and performance is critical to business outcomes.

Flexible Deployments

Deploy DNS services anywhere you want, including on the network edge

Local Survivability

Keep your DNS running, even when connectivity is compromised

Orchestrated Configuration and Management

Zero touch provisioning for upgrades, installation, and maintenance at the edge

Edge DNS Features

Centralized Management

Control DNS across the enterprise (including authoritative and recursive) through a single control plane

Secure Access

Safeguard your network with SSO, two-factor authentication, and the ability to delegate administrative privileges as needed

Zero Touch Provisioning

Minimize service disruptions through automated updates

Local Survivability and Configurability

Stay up and running in customer-facing edge locations, even when connections are compromised

Seamless Scalability

Spin up new resources quickly and easily

Smart Workflows

Schedule, deploy, manage, and configure assets across the network with a few clicks

DNS-Based Security

NS1 fully supports industry standards like Response Policy Zones (RPZs) and DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) for both authoritative and recursive deployments

Automation Friendly and API-first

Integrate DNS into everything with a robust, fast, well-documented API

Orchestrated Service Deployments

Fleet and service management for deployments, updates, and management functions across the enterprise

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