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Disaster Recovery & High Availability

Next-Generation DNS can be your most effective way to fail over in case of disaster.

Disaster recovery is a complex undertaking, but shifting traffic from your primary facility to your DR site does not have to be. Whatever your disaster recovery strategy looks like, you need a reliable way to shift traffic over to your DR facilities if and when the time comes. DNS provides a highly reliable mechanism to make that shift happen - and NS1 gives you the control over when DR gets invoked. Our built in monitoring allows you to set up automated failover that detects when facilities have gone down and shifts traffic to standby locations. Or you can use our alerting mechanisms and give your operators control over invoking failover. Whether you are setting up DR for private or public facing IT services, NS1 makes it easy to move user traffic over to your backup facilities.

Detection: NS1 provides built in monitoring to constantly track the availability of your facilities. Alternatively, you can feed third party monitoring or your own monitoring data into the NS1 DNS. Our built-in monitoring supports TCP, PING and HTTP and provides error information to let you know the cause of the failure.

Failover: Your DNS records on the NS1 platform automatically receive monitoring status. Based on criteria you specify, user traffic can be automatically redirected away from facilities experiencing an outage to your cold, warm or hot standby sites.

NS1 DNS provides an ideal failover mechanism:

Our globally anycasted DNS will always be outside the failure zone and thus will keep functioning regardless of what is taking place in your infrastructure


Easy to implement

Does not have the complexity and risk of routing based failover strategies.

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