Wingify Improves Customer Experience With NS1 Managed DNS with Filter Chain™ Technology

NS1 Solution


Wingify, an India-based software company, runs their own CDN with 11 points of presence (POP) around the globe. To ensure the fastest total response times for their customers, Wingify wanted a DNS solution that would send the user to the closest geolocated CDN POP, preferably in the user’s own country. Their current DNS provider created groups of countries for geolocation and then used round-robin load balancing to equally distribute queries among the POPs within the country group. Closest POP geolocation was not guaranteed. Wingify had looked for managed DNS vendors with this solution, but the manual work to setup and manage these products was disappointingly cumbersome. Ankit Jain, Associate Director (Engineering) at Wingify, talked to many CDN network owners hoping to find a managed DNS provider with the solution they wanted. He was referred to NS1 by Fastly.


Wingify ran proof of concept (POC) testing with 4 vendors, including NS1. The NS1 solution used its exclusive metadata and Filter Chain™ technology to geolocate the user and select a POP in the user’s country, or the geographically closest POP to the user if an in-country POP was not available. Wingify compared NS1’s DNS response times with other vendors in the POC and found them to be as good as or better. Wingify was also pleased with the responsiveness of NS1 engineers in answering their questions about how NS1 technology works and the best approaches to meeting their objectives. NS1’s ability to meet Wingify’s technical requirements, excellent DNS response times and NS1’s responsiveness to questions combined to give Wingify the confidence to trust NS1 with this mission critical part of their infrastructure. Wingify chose NS1’s Intelligent DNS and Traffic Management Platform for its ability to route users based on geolocation.

We had a specific solution in mind for our CDN. Other providers could not supply what we wanted. NS1 showed us how they could create the solution we wanted and explained the technology that would make it happen. Their attention to our needs as a customer along with their technology made me confident in choosing NS1 as our Managed DNS provider.”
Ankit Jain, Associate Director (Engineering) at Wingify


The results have been all around positive. Wingify has experienced a drop in total response times world wide due to the better geolocation routing which has helped to improve customer experience. 

About About Wingify

Wingify has two marketing technology products: VWO (VWO) and PushCrew. VWO is an A/B testing and conversion optimization platform used by companies like eBay, Toyota, and Domino’s while PushCrew helps send mobile and web push notifications.