Using next generation DNS for intelligent, multi-CDN management

NS1 Solution


To build their world-class multi-CDN service, TurboBytes turned to NS1 to help overcome several key obstacles. Requirements included making automated changes to many DNS records, propagating those changes immediately, and improving routing accuracy. Furthermore, TurboBytes needed to ensure NS1’s powerful traffic management rules maintained compatibility with other DNS providers with less flexible platforms.


TurboBytes used NS1’s full-featured REST API to programmatically make bulk DNS record changes that were propagated across the NS1 network in near real-time. NS1 optimized end user CDN routing by using EDNS-Client-Subnet support to more accurately determine end user location. NS1 also built custom DNS filters to collapse hundreds of country and state specific DNS records, and thousands of ASN and IP subnet specific records, down to just a few simple DNS records. This approach maximized manageability and delivery performance while enabling a DNS naming scheme that works when expanded to individual records in other providers.

The folks at NS1 are experts. They instantly understood our platform, the challenges we faced, and how to address those challenges. NS1’s technology perfectly matches our functional requirements -- they are API driven, flexible and high-performance -- just like us.
Aaron Peters, Co-founder, TurboBytes


Using NS1, TurboBytes substantially improved performance by increasing targeting granularity and routing precision.

NS1’s world-class support team worked closely with TurboBytes to understand their requirements and configure the service specifically for TurboBytes application.

“NS1’s support is quick and helpful. They are highly technical and speak our non-corporate language.”, Aaron continued. “Using NS1 gives us confidence that we’re in good hands and our platform is future-proof.”

Today, NS1 helps TurboBytes continuously optimize CDN selection for end users, delivering the highest speed and reliability possible -- all within a simple, single pane-of-glass interface.


About TurboBytes

TurboBytes, a young web performance company, is on a mission to make the Web faster. They believe a key requirement for online success is performance: your website or application must load fast and run smoothly, or users will walk away dissatisfied.TurboBytes’ multi-CDN service abstracts the details of managing several independent CDNs, and enables companies to deliver content to end users more reliably and faster, resulting in a better user experience and higher conversion. Today, TurboBytes’ platform enables customers to leverage five major CDN providers spanning 116 POPs, across all major internet exchanges.