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Riot Games Improves Customer Experience and Reduces Costs by Using NS1 Managed DNS & Pulsar


Core to Riot's mission is to deliver outstanding quality of experience for the over 67 million gamers they serve every month. They constantly measure and track quality of experience metrics in order to address issues as proactively as possible. Every gamer is equally important to the gaming provider, regardless of their location. As the population of gamers expanded across the globe, the customer became aware that there were emerging challenges in delivering a consistent, high quality user experience in all countries and regions.

A specific issue emerged in delivering gaming software updates. These bi-weekly updates are up to 500MB in size and have to be delivered to millions of users within 48 hours. In some regions, particularly Brazil and other parts of South and Central America, gamers were experiencing problems completing updates and an increasing number of users in these regions began to complain.


Riot's engineering team determined that the single CDN approach they were using was unable to serve gamers with consistent high quality in all countries. This was due to region-specific CDN and network performance issues including the quality of the network connectivity to the CDNs points of presence and the variability of network conditions. The engineering team determined that a multi-CDN strategy was needed to deliver consistently high quality of experience to all their users. while allowing them to also shop around for more favorable rates in specific regions. However, simply adding more CDNs would not be sufficient.

They also needed a means to intelligently route users in real time to the best performing CDNs. The customer selected NS1’s Intelligent DNS and Traffic Management Platform for its ability to optimally route users based on real time network and CDN performance.


Results exceeded expectations. Riot Games not only resolved quality of experience issues, they also delivered overall better service levels while lowering costs.

Some specific benefits included 60-90% throughput improvement in Brazil and Turkey. They reduced tariff costs in other markets such as Australia. Using NS1, Riot has been able to bring performance, cost management and regional control over service delivery to a new level. They now have 8 CDNs and are still adding more.

All told, the net impact of improved service plus better use of competing CDNs and network providers added to millions of dollars in savings. In short, using the NS1 platform with Pulsar, the customer implemented a multi-CDN strategy that simultaneously improved end user quality of experience and reduced costs.

About Riot Games

Riot Games is a global online gaming company with over 1,000 employees, 19 offices around the world, and over $1.6B in annual revenue. Riot's mission is to be the most player focused gaming company in the world. 

With 67 million users across the globe, delivering a high quality user experience is a mission critical task.