[Webinar] Navigating Around DNS Performance Issues in China with NS1 and Catchpoint

Alexa top 50 site leverages NS1 to maximize delivery performance


Imgur needed a way to efficiently deliver long-tail and rapidly changing content at a large scale to their growing global user base in a manner that would appropriately leverage their distributed infrastructure and drive user engagement.


Imgur leveraged NS1's Managed DNS platform to perform complex routing for apex domain records. With NS1’s global load balancing, Filter Chain technology, and geo-fencing capabilities, Imgur was able to route its end users to the CDN POP closest to them.


Using NS1's Managed DNS platform, Imgur was able to manage traffic more efficiently across their datacenters and to also intelligently deliver content to their users with low levels of latency. Additionally, Imgur uses NS1's monitoring tools to detect and route around any content delivery issues.

In this engagement, NS1 also worked closely with Imgur's CDN, Fastly, to ensure that Imgur users would be able to access the site through the apex domain (imgur.com, not www.imgur.com) in an RFC-compliant manner.

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When asked about the implementation process, Alan Schaaf, Imgur’s CEO, said, “The support from NS1 has been great. They’ve been very responsive, even during nights and weekends.”

About Imgur

Imgur is the most popular integrated platform for browsing and sharing user-curated image content on the internet. The company rose to popularity by offering a simple, high performance service with useful and innovative features like image manipulation, user commenting, and submission voting. With about about 4.5 billion pageviews a month, Imgur ranks as one of the 50 most popular websites in the world according to Alexa.com.