[Webinar] Navigating Around DNS Performance Issues in China with NS1 and Catchpoint

Since DNS is the road that all requests to Algolia travel, it was critical that they got this part of their application architecture right


Building a high performance, distributed infrastructure to accommodate millions of geographically distributed users is no easy task - especially when you are a young startup. Yet that is exactly what Algolia’s DevOps team needed to accomplish in order to gain a competitive edge and help drive the company’s meteoric growth. Getting users to the application as fast as possible is the critical first step.


After a thorough evaluation against the competition and do- it-yourself options, Algolia decided that NS1’s intelligent DNS & traffic management platform delivered the speed, reliability, and control they needed. In addition, Algolia is able to save time and lower operational costs by using the configurability and automation provided by NS1’s intelligent DNS & traffic management platform.


As part of the deployment process, Algolia integrated their account-specific logic into the NS1 platform using the solution’s streamlined API-first approach. Algolia then used NS1’s edns-client-subnet support, which leverages user metadata that Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, and other resolvers provide, to significantly improve georouting.

Next, Algolia leveraged NS1’s patent-pending filter chain to direct users to the optimal data center based on real-time network, user and infrastructure data.

In addition, Algolia implemented rules for disaster recovery, failover and load shedding to protect against unexpected network and infrastructure events as well as planned maintenance.

NS1’s anycasted global network substantially improved Algolia’s network performance, resulting in a better, more responsive user experience.

NS1’s scalability, performance and configuration capabilities allow Algolia to provide their customers with a fully scalable application that serves billions of queries per month from 13 worldwide regions, all with an average server response time of under 7 milliseconds.

By using traffic filters to protect their network from outages and hardware failure, Algolia is able to maintain consistent performance for its users across the globe. The same filters are used to easily remove data centers from rotation in order to perform system maintenance with zero customer impact.

About Algolia

Algolia is a leading Search as a Service provider and aims to become the search layer of the Internet. Founded in 2012, the company already lays claim to some of the most prominent names in the tech, media and e-commerce industries including Periscope, Vevo, CrunchBase, HackerNews and DigitalOcean among others. Instead of building and maintaining search functionality yourself, let the experts at Algolia manage search for you. Just plug in Algolia’s proprietary technology within a website or app and instantly enable a smarter, faster search experience for end users. Algolia’s solution offers out-of-the-box support for every language, is typo-tolerant, provides results in milliseconds and allows easy ranking configuration for unique data sets.