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Cloud-Native Network Services

Cloud-Managed Network Services for the Distributed Edge

Remove the barriers posed by legacy network architectures with our high performance, cloud-native network services

Cloud-Managed Network Services for Distributed Enterprises

Today’s distributed, complex, cloud-connected organization requires flexible and scalable network services that reach from the edge to the core to the cloud.

Modernize Your Core Network Services with NS1

Simplify management and improve performance of your critical network services - DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) - with NS1's software-defined deployment and API-driven automation.

Flexible Deployment Options

We're the only solution that can be deployed anywhere network services are required at enterprise scale. The solution can be easily scaled horizontally and can accommodate any network architecture; from on-premises to cloud only and everything in between.

API-Driven Automation

API-driven automation ensures that network services can be deployed, orchestrated, managed and dynamically scaled in a cloud-native and cost effective manner. This eliminates the overhead, risk, and limitations of managing traditional DDI architectures.

Centralized Management

Cloud-based, centralized management enables administrators to consistently provision, control and monitor service deployment across the entire enterprise network, spanning any number of locations, deployment surfaces and devices.

Cloud-Native Network Services from NS1

NS1’s unified technology stack provides connectivity for your internal and external applications with advanced traffic management capabilities independent of where your applications are deployed: on-premises, public clouds, private clouds, or hybrid clouds.

Cloud-Managed Enterprise DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) for the Distributed Enterprise

We provide the only internet-scale, cloud-native DDI solution that delivers modern DNS and DHCP anywhere, with centralized IPAM in the cloud; from the edge to the core.

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Private DNS

Private DNS is a software-only DNS product solving the performance, traffic management, and automation challenges of modern enterprises. It's massively scalable, automated, fast and smart, and built with the same next-generation technology proven and trusted by the biggest brands on the Internet.

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Key Features and Benefits

Scale Devices, Locations, and Users

Keep up with the rapidly growing complexity of your users, devices, and locations.

Easily Adopt New Network Paradigms

Deploy applications in the cloud, on-prem data centers, the edge and more.

Control Costs and Minimize Overhead

Bring costs under control with cloud-based DDI software, and elastically provision services to use cloud capacity wisely.

Ensure Reliability with Independently Operated Locations

Run your distributed locations as independently as possible to minimize the impact of outages in other parts of your network.

Effectively Implement Modern Security Practices

Enable Zero Trust Security protocols to validate and secure every component of your network.

Integrate with CI/CD Pipelines

Increase the efficiency of your DevOps teams by allowing them some control over network services, so they can integrate them into existing CI/CD pipelines.

NS1 and Cisco: Stronger Together

The NS1 and Cisco relationship empowers NetOps, DevOps and SecOps teams to more efficiently, securely, and reliably deliver and scale application and network services that enable today’s businesses. Learn more about our integrations with Cisco Umbrella, Catalyst 9300 and 9400 edge switches, AnyConnect, and more.

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Enterprise networks are distributed, complex and global, and employees access the network from multiple devices and locations. Upgrading your DDI can improve the reliability of your network and simplify management.

Enabling Zero Trust Security with NS1

Organizations adopting zero trust principles must extend the framework to all parts of their infrastructure for it to be truly effective.

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