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NS1 + Cisco Umbrella Integration Page

Sooner or later malware will get into your network.

The combination of Umbrella and NS1 can eliminate external threats and optimize internal application development and deployment.

Employees cannot access email or files, and communication with business partners and customers comes to a halt. In short, the DDI system must be 100% available and performing at the highest level. Security is equally important. Virtually every attack on internal IT systems relies on DNS as mechanism to introduce malware into the network, exfiltrate data or in many cases – to do both. While DNS is an attack vector, it is also an opportunity. By leveraging DNS as a security mechanism, attackers are denied the means they rely on for successful attacks.

Cisco and NS1 have teamed up to address these issues. The combination of NS1 Enterprise DDI with Cisco Umbrella provides a modern platform for high performance application delivery across the enterprise with security that seals off the communication pathways that attackers rely on.

NS1 Umbrella Ecosystem
NS1 Enterprise DDI

Mission Critical for Application Delivery

Software applications drive competitive advantage. That is why enterprises are more application-centric than ever before. NS1 Enterprise DDI accelerates application deployment and improves performance across complex, hybrid infrastructures. Your DevOps teams become more productive and your applications perform better and more reliably than ever before.

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Cisco Ipam Dhcp

API First architecture

Easy to use, intuitive GUI and workflows

Integrations supporting the application delivery lifecycle

Advanced DNS traffic management

Designed for diverse infrastructure - public and private cloud, on prem branch offices and HQ S

Shut Down Attacks, Prevent Malware from Spreading

Cisco Talos

Sooner or later malware will get into your network. But the attack is not complete until the malware contacts its command and control server somewhere on the dark web. Cisco Umbrella not only helps to protect against initial infection with proactive threat intelligence powered by Cisco Talos, but also prevents communication to an attacker’s server in the event devices do become infected. By blocking command and control callbacks, you can stop data exfiltration and ransomware encryption. Even when your users are outside the office and surfing the web, they are protected by Umbrella.

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Stop malware at the earliest point

Protect users from malicious applications and websites

Prevent the spread of malware across the network

Set and enforce acceptable use policies

View activity logs

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