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Building Business Resilience

Business resilience is synonymous with business success

Network and application infrastructures are foundational to business technology, and they must be highly reliable, secure, and adaptable to disruption. Yet, it has never been more challenging to realize this.

Resilience is More Important Now Than Ever

The ability to keep customers, partners, and employees securely connected to websites, external applications, enterprise networks, and internal applications at all times is paramount to business success.

Why ns1 supporting

External Factors

Large-scale network outages, catastrophic natural events, and pervasive cybercrime all threaten to disrupt business operations - impacting profits and brand reputation.

Internal Factors

Complex application environments, coupled with demand for faster innovation and deployment, increase the risk of error, vulnerabilities, and downtime.

Complexity Increases

  • In 2020, more than 1 billion people began to work from home, with many companies planning to allow work from home permanently.
  • U.S. online sales increased 43% YoY in September, reaching $60.4 billion
  • In 2019 there was a 24% increase in catastrophic natural disasters compared to the 10-year average
  • Global internet disruptions, including ISP, CSP, CDN, and DNS, saw an unprecedented rise, increasing by 63% in March compared with January

How to Build Resilience


Ensure high availability for your internal and external applications, creating seamless application experiences.

  • Building redundancies and failover mechanisms into your infrastructure to avoid outages.
  • Proactively steer traffic away from unhealthy or unavailable endpoints to mitigate downtime


Protect against emerging and evolving DNS-layer cyberthreats, providing secure application access.

  • Prevent downtime and disruption caused by DDoS attacks.
  • Ensure that your application and networking infrastructure tools and providers meet industry-standard security controls as well as your own enterprise policies.


Navigate unplanned market and technology disruptions, reducing complexity and errors caused manual processes.

  • Automate processes so you can deliver and scale rapidly.
  • Integrate into existing DevOps and NetOps toolsets and practices.
  • Use a modern and robust API architecture.

Building Resilience with NS1

We provide today’s leading internet companies and enterprises with highly reliable, secure and adaptable infrastructure to support business resilience goals.

How NS1 Helps

  • Increase availability, reliability, and uptime for internal and external applications
  • Improve cyber risk posture and accelerate compliance
  • Protect against large-scale outages and service issues
  • Provide reliable and highly secure access to remote workers and business partners

NS1 Solutions

Dedicated DNS

Physically and logically separate next-generation DNS provisioned just for you, anywhere

Redundant and Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS running alongside another, separate DNS provider.

Global Traffic Management

Granular and automatic global traffic management policies enabled by our patented Filter Chain (™) technology.

VPN Traffic Steering

Automated VPN routing enables you to send remote users to the optimal, healthy VPN site.

Pulsar Active Traffic Steering

Intelligent traffic steering using real-time user monitoring and highly customizable routing logic.

Cloud-Managed DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI)

We provide the only internet-scale, cloud-native DDI solution that delivers modern DNS and DHCP anywhere, with centralized IPAM in the cloud; from the edge to the core.

Interested in learning more about network resilience?

At our most recent INS1GHTS Days, we provided a foundational overview on Network Resiliency broken down into the themes of test, deploy, and monitor. Attendees also got to see how others in our industry do it today with NS1.

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