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Mark Fieldhouse
Posted by
Mark Fieldhouse on
July 30, 2019

Why I joined NS1

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The start of my career in technology over 25 years ago was a different and more humble one than many have today, or at least it seemed that way at the time.  At the young age of 18, I began working at IBM as an engineer on one of the first modern voice telephony systems. Not mobile, not VOIP; good old fashioned POTS lines physically connected worldwide.  Quickly recognizing that I had a keen interest and aptitude in development, I relished the opportunity to master the relatively small number of languages and platforms that were available at that time.  I moved onto various development roles throughout my career and have retained my appetite for technology. Even so, I am surprised by how different the world has become. Today’s vast technology landscape presents a daunting challenge to anyone who needs to stay current, which is most of us, even if we are not employed in a technology role. 

Lately, I’ve been focused on building teams rather than technology.   I enjoy leading companies and inspiring groups to succeed through coaching, creating opportunities for professional and personal growth and inspiring people to be their best.   

So why join NS1? For me, it’s simple.  The company’s culture embodies the principles I value, and the technology interests me.   How can companies secure and manage their IP address space and make sure devices can access the network that drives the business?  Where does the journey start for every one of your interactions with an application? It’s the DNS that is the first step in the application experience.   Having had the pleasure of working at New Relic, a company maniacally focused on customer experience, that consumer journey from start to finish still fascinates me. 

NS1 encapsulates and embodies management of the customer experience, ensuring that the world’s most critical internet and enterprise applications are secure, reliable and performant to the high demands and expectations placed on them.

For me, being able to play a part in growing a company so focused on something as fundamental as the internets query language - DNS - and a companies enterprise challenges around complex DDI - DNS, DHCP and IP address management - was too good an opportunity to miss and a challenge that I am impassioned to undertake.  I look forward to meeting and working with our rock star clients, and ensuring their success alongside the entire NS1 team.  

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