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Ben Ball
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Ben Ball on
February 25, 2022

Maintaining Site Performance in a Sea of URL Redirects

Redirects can have a real impact on your site performance and user experience if configured incorrectly.

NS1’s Managed DNS service is already distinguished by lightning-fast resolution, powered by a worldwide network with 100% uptime. That’s what end users experience, and that’s what our customers love about us.

Yet just beneath that smooth surface of consistent, rapid delivery, there’s a platform that’s constantly adapting as customers change where their content lives and how it’s delivered. Our business would be easy if assets and domains were static. The reality is that companies are always shifting domains and network topologies to fit their business needs.

Managing URL redirects

Keeping track of those shifting domains can be a real challenge. Beyond the simple need to avoid 404 errors by sending users to the right place, redirects can have a real impact on site performance and user experience if they aren’t configured properly.

Then there are the thornier, more technical issues like HTTPS redirects, SSL certificates, and TLS handshakes. Savvy operators can configure these things, but it’s often a manual process that can take time (and result in a lot of human error), particularly when redirects happen regularly at scale.

When domains and asset locations are frequently altered, it makes sense to manage that spaghetti of connections in a deliberate way through a dedicated redirect service. Redirect services are primarily about optimizing performance, but there are collateral benefits to administrators in the form of automated configurations, stronger security, and useful analytics.

It’s Always DNS: Why Outages Are Growing More Common, and What You Can Do About it

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NS1 + EasyRedir

EasyRedir has perfected the craft of URL redirects, and that’s why NS1 is pleased to partner with them for all our customers’ highly specialized requirements in this area. NS1 offers simple URL forwarding with all of our enterprise plans, but for more complex needs we recommend that our customers use EasyRedir. Their mantra of “simple, fast, reliable” fits perfectly with NS1’s customer-centric approach to Managed DNS.

We’ve also made it easy to get started with EasyRedir through a streamlined referral process. Simply provide some basic information about your needs, and the team at EasyRedir will get you up and running in no time.

Learn more about how EasyRedir and NS1 deliver fast, reliable performance for URL redirects and more.

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