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Monica Miller

Posted by Monica Miller on June 8, 2021

How NS1 Kept Fastly Customers Online During the Outage

A behind the scenes look at how Pulsar, our intelligent traffic steering tool, automatically redirected traffic during today’s Fastly outage

Shane Kerr

Posted by Shane Kerr on May 11, 2021

tsuNAME Handling at NS1

The tsuNAME vulnerability that was recently made public can be weaponized to carry out DDoS attacks against authoritative DNS servers. Here are some of the mitigation efforts our team put into place to protect against this vulnerability.

Sanjay Ramnath

Posted by Sanjay Ramnath on August 19, 2020

Overcoming challenges of Microsoft DNS with NS1

NS1’s solution, Enterprise DDI, is a flexible and powerful platform that enables enterprises to overcome all the challenges that enterprises face when operating Microsoft DNS.

James McCarthy

Posted by James McCarthy on June 9, 2020

Using Terraform to automate DNS Management

Organizations who build a deployment pipeline using tools such as Terraform are able to decentralize control of providers such as NS1 and allow a wider set of teams to make changes.

Jan Vcelak

Posted by Jan Vcelak on August 1, 2019

The Promise of Multi-Signer DNSSEC

NS1 has lowered barriers to adoption and gives companies advanced DNS features along with DNSSEC in a variety of ways.

Jan Vcelak

Posted by Jan Vcelak on April 24, 2019

Flamethrower: NS1’s New Opensource DNS Performance Testing Tool

Earlier this year our team released Flamethrower, a pretty neat new tool designed for teams laboring through complex DNS testing processes.

Kris Beevers

Posted by Kris Beevers on April 19, 2019

Chaos Engineering and the Modern Traffic Stack

Chaos engineering, the practice of intentionally introducing problems to identify points of failure in systems, has become an important component in delivering high-performing, resilient enterprise applications.

Jonathan Sullivan

Posted by Jonathan Sullivan on March 20, 2019

Renee Orser, VP of Engineering, Honored as IDG Ones to Watch Award Winner

NS1 delivers traffic management solutions that power the biggest and most demanding applications and sites on the internet. Our technology is novel and highly differentiated, but the thing that truly sets us apart is our people.

Gerhard Jacobs

Posted by Gerhard Jacobs on March 6, 2019

Read: How Modern Enterprises Are Moving Towards DNS Visibility

Technologically mature organizations understand that DNS performance impacts app performance, as well as the damaging consequences when their DNS is slow, compromised, or goes down altogether.

Gerhard Jacobs

Posted by Gerhard Jacobs on February 12, 2019

The Anatomy of A DNS Hijacking

Authoritative DNS’ ubiquity and critical position in application infrastructure make it both a prime target for attackers and an opportunity to dodge downtime and defend against threats.

Victor Frazao

Posted by Victor Frazao on November 13, 2018

RUM DNS Traffic Steering: Testing the Performance Impact of Pulsar

Can real user metric (RUM) based DNS traffic steering significantly improve application performance? Pulsar provides RUM steering within our Managed DNS service.

Alex Vayl

Posted by Alex Vayl on October 8, 2018

DNS Helps You Level Up Your Gaming Business

One of the critical user experience-impacting variables for gaming companies is DNS.

Kathleen Rohrecker

Posted by Kathleen Rohrecker on September 17, 2018

NS1 is recognized as a great partner in DevOps, driving optimal velocity for modern business

DevOps culture emphasizes collaboration and communication among software developers, QA, and other IT operations professionals.

Jonathan Lewis

Posted by Jonathan Lewis on April 25, 2018

Cryptocurrency Sites are Targets: DNSSEC and Redundant DNS Provide Critical Protection

Details are still emerging around a two-pronged attack against a popular cryptocurrency website - Jonathan Lewis explores the attack, and provides helpful tips to avoid being impacted in a similar fashion.

Christian Saide

Posted by Christian Saide on June 22, 2017

Software Defined Networking

Software defined networking (SDN) has become a prolific buzzword and a topic of heated debate throughout the networking community at large, especially with the advent of dockerized systems.

Isaac Onigman

Posted by Isaac Onigman on June 21, 2017

Glue Records and Dedicated DNS

In normal DNS resolution, when a resolver attempts to resolve a domain name, it queries the authoritative nameservers for the domain. If the nameservers for a domain exist inside the domain itself, a glue record is needed to resolve the domain name.

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