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Katie Tregurtha
Posted by
Katie Tregurtha on
October 23, 2020

Tech News InteNS1ve - all the news that fits IT - October 19-23

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Staying up-to-date with the latest news and technology trends is hard. You’re busy modernizing your company, transforming your digital environments, and creating and executing strategies for helping your business compete in today’s hyper-connected world. How can you accomplish all this and keep up with all the technology news? It would take hours to slog through every tech and business publication to find the news that's most relevant to you. We did it so you don’t have to.

Tech News InteNS1ve provides a rundown of this week's news about IT modernization, tech adoption, and industry trends.

Cyber Security

With more employees than ever accessing company data remotely, many companies are rushing to improve security protocols. In a recent article for SearchNetworking, Lee Doyle explains how zero trust network access is a promising solution for companies with remote workforces. Check out The Basics of Zero Trust Network Access Explained for more.

DDoS attacks have grown in frequency and size in recent years. To help prevent future attacks, Google has shared data on some of the largest DDoS attacks ever recorded. Anthony Spadafora provides more detail in his article, Google Shares More Details on Some of the Biggest DDoS Attacks Ever Recorded.

Cloud Computing

Another important factor in building a secure network is upgrading your legacy infrastructure to a cloud-based platform. Martin Moyers of ITPro Portal outlines how migrating to the cloud can make your applications more resilient and improve performance in his article, App Resiliency: A Hop from Legacy to Cloud Platform.

This drive to upgrade legacy infrastructure in favor of the cloud is unsurprisingly resulting in increased cloud investment. Help Net Security reports on how global cloud spend is accelerating - in part due to the pandemic - in a recent article: Global Spending on Cloud Services to Surpass $1 Trillion in 2024.

The pandemic is accelerating investments in cloud computing in part because of the “new, unstable normal”. David Bartoletti explains how the cloud enables companies to be more agile in his article for ZDNet, Cloud Computing will Power Pandemic Recovery in 2021.

IT Infrastructure Transformation

The Gap is an example of how companies can realize operational advantages through investing in their IT infrastructure. Jon Gold of Network World provides a deep dive into how the Gap embraced edge computing in his article, How the Gap Embraced the Edge.

The Gap isn’t the only company with legacy infrastructure investing in digital transformation. Marco Rodrigues of provides insights into how modernizing your IT infrastructure enables your company to become more data-driven in his article, Distributed Data and Apps: What About Your Infra?

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