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Katie Tregurtha
Posted by
Katie Tregurtha on
October 16, 2020

Tech News InteNS1ve - all the news that fits IT - October 12-16

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Staying up-to-date with the latest news and technology trends is hard. You’re busy modernizing your company, transforming your digital environments, and creating and executing strategies for helping your business compete in today’s hyper-connected world. How can you accomplish all this and keep up with all the technology news? It would take hours to slog through every tech and business publication to find the news that's most relevant to you. We did it so you don’t have to.

Tech News InteNS1ve provides a rundown of this week's news about IT modernization, tech adoption, and industry trends.

IT Teams and Automation

A recent report from Vanson Bourne and Dynatrace revealed that IT and cloud teams spend 44% of their time on routine work, costing companies an average of $4.8 million annually. With 58% of CIOs saying digital transformation is expected to accelerate at their companies, this situation is expected to become more challenging for IT teams. Ian Barker has more key findings from the report in his article for Beta News, IT Teams Spend 44 Percent of Their Time on Routine Work.

In part to avoid this workload crunch, American Airlines has adopted a DevOps culture. This adoption was accelerated during the pandemic so that the airline could build the technology necessary to offer travelers a completely touchless experience at airports. David Rubinstein of Software Development Times offers an in-depth look at their transformation in his article, American Airlines’ Journey into DevOps and Beyond.

Internet Outages

The reason behind this push to invest in IT teams to accelerate digital transformation is clear when an outage occurs - for example, when Slack and a number other applications suffered outages last week. Kevin Forgarty of S&P Global Market Intelligence provides details on how last week’s outage affected workers in his article, Global Internet, App Outages Spike, Disrupting Work Hours for More Users.

And for a behind-the-scenes look at how application outages can occur, check out Roger Montti’s article for Search Engine Journal, Google Chat Incident Report Shows How Outages Can Happen.

Edge Computing and Other Enterprise Tech Trends

To prevent future outages, enterprises are investing in new network technology in addition to their IT teams. 5 Emerging Enterprise Network Trends to Watch in 2021, a recent article from Gina Narcisi of CRN, provides more detail.

Another emerging trend is the combination of service mesh and the edge. Alex Williams of The New Stack outlines how this trend hinges upon a new technology, Smart Network Interface Controllers (SmartNICS) - check out The New Dimensions of Service Mesh at the Edge for more information.

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