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Katie Tregurtha
Posted by
Katie Tregurtha on
November 13, 2020

Tech News InteNS1ve - all the news that fits IT - November 9-13

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Staying up-to-date with the latest news and technology trends is hard. You’re busy modernizing your company, transforming your digital environments, and creating and executing strategies for helping your business compete in today’s hyper-connected world. How can you accomplish all this and keep up with all the technology news? It would take hours to slog through every tech and business publication to find the news that's most relevant to you. We did it so you don’t have to.

Tech News InteNS1ve provides a rundown of this week's news about IT modernization, tech adoption, and industry trends.

Building Resilient IT Infrastructure

Our co-founder and CEO Kris Beevers breaks down how crucial it is for companies and organizations to strengthen their IT infrastructure, given our increasing dependence on it for learning, entertainment, work, healthcare, and more.

As he states, "Millions of children are learning remotely, and schools are deploying wide-scale digital experimentation at all turns. Patients are opting for telehealth when they can't risk a visit, and connectivity issues have health consequences. As society continues to grow, we are putting stress on our critical infrastructure as well.”

Read his article, The Greatest Test Of Our Generation: Building Resilience Into Our Connected Economy, in Forbes for more details.

Similarly, Paul Gaynor provides insights into how the cloud has become non-negotiable for business continuity in 2020 in a recent article for InformationWeek. Check out Cloud Tech: The Make or Break in Today’s Business Resiliency for more.

Cloud Computing

While the cloud has become critical for business resiliency, many businesses are still choosing to keep critical applications on-prem. Learn more about how businesses are managing their distributed environment in Sead Fadilpašić’s article for ITProPortal, Vast Majority of Cloud Adopters Also Plan to Maintain On-prem Environments.

DNS and Security

Not unlike how other technologies are becoming cheaper and easier to adopt, DDoS attacks have never been easier to carry out, largely due to the proliferation of insecure IoT devices. Danny Palmer of ZDNet explains why in his recent article, DDos Attacks Are Cheaper and Easier to Carry Out Than Ever Before.

Similarly, there has been a 260% increase in the use of encrypted traffic to “hide” attacks during the first 9 months of 2020. New research from Zscaler discovered that bad actors are leveraging SSL to hide malware inside encrypted traffic. Read Dan Raywood’s article for Info Security, Malicious Use of SSL Increases as Attackers Deploy Hidden Attacks, for more details.

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