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Jessica Lavery
Posted by
Jessica Lavery on
May 29, 2020

Tech News InteNS1ve - all the news that fits IT - May 25-29, 2020

Is the COVID-19 crisis spurring faster digital transformation or short-term IT fixes?

According to a global survey from AppDynamics, most IT professionals are concerned about the long-term impact of their current digital transformation initiatives.

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Report: What life and tech may look like after COVID-19

A new predictive report from digital firm Cognizant imagines how every aspect of life will look by 2025.

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DNS traffic and DDoS events rise during pandemic

New research from DNS intelligence specialist Farsight Security, focusing on over 300 leading websites, finds that between March and April there has been an increase in DDoS events involving popular brand names.

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Trends to Watch

The deployment, delivery and access of applications continues to be a driving force for business value and growth. TechRepublic provided an analysis of research shouting that microservices are bringing faster application delivery and greater flexibility to enterprises while in ITWeb, Andre Kannemeyer focused on the importance of connectivity in an age where the application is king.

Cloud computing remains a hot topic for businesses of all sizes as they determine if and how they can take advantage of what cloud deployments have to offer. Solutions Review’s Daniel Hein covered reports from Denodo, a data visualization company that Over 75% of Organizations Have Workloads in the Cloud.

Research: Microservices bring faster application delivery and greater flexibility to enterprises

Microservices breaks down monolithic software systems into smaller, manageable independent services, and it has the potential to pick up where service-oriented architecture (SOA) left off.

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Connectivity in an age where the application is king

The way enterprises manage and control their most essential applications is changing and approaches to connectivity must adapt to meet this change.

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Denodo: Over 75 Percent of Organizations Have Workloads in the Cloud

According to a survey recently released by data virtualization vendor Denodo, over 75 percent of organizations have deployed workloads in the cloud.

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Looking to the Future

Looking past immediate and short-term initiatives, several articles this week focused on trends for the coming year and beyond. Betsy Amy-Vogt from SiliconANGLE wrote that “computer networking is on the rising edge of transformation” and It’s time to prepare for a transformation in networking. Elana Smith looked at cloud computing trends for 2021 in an IT Pro Portal article, while Emil Sayegh discussed in Forbes the long-term impact of edge computing’s impact on cloud strategies.

It’s time to prepare for a transformation in networking

Computer networking is on the rising edge of transformation as it steps up to meet the challenge of a world where communication is virtual and the perimeter includes everything — and enterprises had better be paying attention.

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Cloud computing mode: What will be the trends for 2021

We have all known the advantages of cloud computing. If we talk about the future, there are various cloud computing trends like hybrid cloud, serverless computing, and containers that will be ruling the industry in the future.

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Is The Cloud On ‘Edge’? Dissecting Edge Computing’s Long-Term Impact On Cloud Strategy

The buzz around new technologies is inescapable, and edge computing is the latest buzzword. The pundits make it sounds fantastic, describing it in multiple ways and touting its numerous use cases.

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