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Katie Tregurtha
Posted by
Katie Tregurtha on
January 15, 2021

Tech News InteNS1ve - all the news that fits IT - January 11-15

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Staying up-to-date with the latest news and technology trends is hard. You’re busy modernizing your company, transforming your digital environments, and creating and executing strategies for helping your business compete in today’s hyper-connected world. How can you accomplish all this and keep up with all the technology news? It would take hours to slog through every tech and business publication to find the news that's most relevant to you. We did it so you don’t have to.

Tech News InteNS1ve provides a rundown of this week's news about IT modernization, tech adoption, and industry trends.

Cloud Computing

Enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure was up by 33% in Q3 of 2020, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down in 2021. More and more businesses are focused on improving digital operations and collaboration between remote teams given the pandemic. In a recent article for Tech Radar, Pip White goes into more detail about cloud computing trends in 2021 - check out Cloud Will Continue To Evolve The Workplace In 2021 for more.

Industry Focus: Financial Services and Digital Transformation

One industry that has significantly accelerated cloud adoption is financial services. While 95% of banks have now adopted cloud in some form, public cloud infrastructure still remains a challenge - primarily due to security and compliance concerns. Rich Simon and John Ratzan explain how banks can move past these challenges in their article for New York Business Journal, It’s Time For Banks To Get Out Of The Cloud Sandbox: 4 Priorities To Accelerate Your Move.

Similarly, Sead Fadilpašić of ITProPortal covers how financial services is approaching public cloud adoption - in addition to existing private cloud investments - in a recent article, Financial Services Sector Pushing Hybrid Cloud Usage More Than Ever.

IT Modernization

The acceleration in cloud adoption is one piece of a larger trend: enterprise IT modernization. Modernizing infrastructure offers multiple benefits, one of which is improved financial operations. For example, with automated spend tracking and improved cash forecasting, companies can make faster, better decisions. Our own CFO David Wilson offers insights in For Post-Pandemic World, Put Extra Cash In IT, written by Ted Knutson for CFO Dive.

Christopher Null of Tech Beacon offers advice for companies struggling to complete modernization initiatives in his article, Go With The Flow: Continuous Modernization Gets Best Results. He advises companies to rethink their approach to modernization - rather than taking a big-project approach, continuous improvement can be more achievable and reduce downtime during upgrades to infrastructure.

While the pandemic certainly puts more pressure on companies (and even our government agencies) to modernize IT infrastructure, it’s not the only thing driving modernization efforts. In a recent article for Fed Scoop, Dave Nyczepir outlines results from a recent survey showing that workforce gaps and existing technology debt are the key drivers for modernization at federal agencies. Check out The Pandemic Isn’t The Only Thing Pushing CIOs To Modernize IT for more details.

Business Resilience

Another goal for IT modernization is often to build resilience into your infrastructure. While it’s crucial to have redundancy within your infrastructure, another area of focus should be ensuring redundancy of people and skills. Jennifer English goes into detail on how companies can do this in her article for Tech Target, Ensure Network Resilience With Redundancy and Skills.

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