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Katie Tregurtha
Posted by
Katie Tregurtha on
February 5, 2021

Tech News InteNS1ve - all the news that fits IT - February 1-5

Tech News InteNS1ve provides a rundown of this week's news about IT modernization, tech adoption, and industry trends.

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Staying up-to-date with the latest news and technology trends is hard. You’re busy modernizing your company, transforming your digital environments, and creating and executing strategies for helping your business compete in today’s hyper-connected world. How can you accomplish all this and keep up with all the technology news? It would take hours to slog through every tech and business publication to find the news that's most relevant to you. We did it so you don’t have to.

Tech News InteNS1ve provides a rundown of this week's news about IT modernization, tech adoption, and industry trends.

Cloud Computing

Jeff Bezos’ announcement that he was stepping down as CEO naturally dominated headlines this week; however, the even bigger news surrounded who he picked as his successor. Choosing Amazon cloud leader Andy Jassy indicates the critical nature and continued opportunity of AWS. Matt Kapko provides more detail on what this means for Amazon’s priorities, as well as the cloud industry in general, in his article for SDxCentral, Amazon’s Leadership Change Signals Cloud-Centric Future.

The U.K. public sector, which follows a “Cloud First” policy, offers an example of how much opportunity still exists for cloud. Recent research from NetApp found that the majority of public service infrastructure is still on-premises, with most less than 50% cloud-based. Constance Drugeot of DevOps Online shares more details from the report in the article, U.K. Public Sector to Embrace a Hybrid Cloud Strategy.

They’re not the only group embracing a hybrid cloud strategy. In a recent article for Cloud Tech, Andrew Brown shares predictions about hybrid cloud adoption in 2021. Check out What to Expect from Hybrid Cloud in 2021 – Following a Year of Change for more.

IT Modernization

IT modernization has become an urgent priority for many companies due to the challenges of the past year. For example, a recent study from LogicMonitor found that more than half of global enterprises experienced IT downtime as a result of the pandemic in 2020 - with most identifying remote work, IoT, and cloud migration as top contributors. To address these challenges, 93% of respondents saw increasing convergence between traditional IT operations, administration, and development teams, moving closer to a DevOps model. Deborah Schalm provides more details in a recent article for, New LogicMonitor Study Reveals that 51% of Enterprises Experienced an Increase in IT Downtime During Pandemic.

Similarly, Dave Vellante of siliconANGLE identified four IT modernization initiatives as key drivers that will increase technology investments in 2021: These Four Key Drivers Will Cause Tech Spending to Roar Back in 2021.

IT Workforce Trends

Companies looking to improve their tech talent recruiting will need to embrace a permanent, flexible remote work policy, according to a recent survey from Terminal. They found that 83% of software engineers prefer to work remotely the majority of their work schedule, if not all of it. R. Dallon Adams shares more findings from the survey in his TechRepublic article, 83% of Software Engineers Want Remote or Hybrid Work Options Post-Pandemic.

And NS1’s CISO Ryan Davis shares key things he’s learned during his career in information security in a recent DarkReading article, along with other security leaders. Check out What I Wish I Knew at the Start of My InfoSec Career from Joan Goodchild for more.

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