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October 11, 2017

Speed Kills Latency: AdTech Turbocharged by Intelligent DNS

Since the internet boom (and bust), the AdTech industry has become a goliath, helping advertisers reach consumers in continuously new and innovative ways. After all, we spend 5 hours a day, on average, with our eyes glued to our mobile devices (TechCrunch, 2017). Is it any surprise that advertisers are spending billions of dollars each year, 37% of US marketing budgets (eMarketer, 2016), to ensure their ads are where the people are?

All internet traffic, including mobile internet traffic, depends on the DNS protocol, the mechanism for connecting end users to content. The problem AdTech companies run into is traditional DNS has stagnated from an internet traffic routing standpoint. Traditional DNS no longer meets the needs of modern, distributed applications.

Until recently, the most sophisticated traffic management solutions on the market were restricted to using geographic data to make routing decisions. This is problematic because the internet does not operate in a vacuum. Outages, network congestion, maintenance requirements, and other issues can produce significant latency.

As a direct response, NS1 introduced its DNS-based intelligent traffic management solution, which leverages network, system, and user data to make real-time routing decisions. This meets the demands of AdTech’s stringent reliability and performance requirements.

At the heart of NS1’s traffic management is our Filter Chain—giving businesses the ability to build complex, customized traffic shaping algorithms perfectly customized to their application and network. This technology lets users easily mix-and-match routing algorithms to direct traffic based on a combination of metrics including system health, geography, network location, performance metrics, system load, bandwidth commits, and more.

AdTechs can directly benefit from the Filter Chain’s intelligent traffic management because it allows by them to ingest various data surrounding their infrastructure, users, and the internet as a whole, and then construct a set of routing rules specific to their use case.

The results are impressive—minimal latency and automatic traffic adjustment to give users the best experience possible, every single time a user connects to your platform.

At its core, NS1’s technology is a highly configurable routing engine with a simple goal: send all users to the right place, as quickly as possible, each and every time. This simple concept has been a goal of the AdTech industry for the entirety of programmatic advertising’s existence - and now it’s reality.

See our customer story with Basis by Centro for a real-life example of how NS1’s technology is working in AdTech.