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Posted by
Jonathan Lewis on
March 13, 2019

Next-Gen Domain Security Can Protect Your Business from DNS Attacks

Modern DNS is mission-critical to the success of digital businesses, making it irresistible to hackers.

According to Nexusguard’s 2018 Threat Report, the average size of a DDoS attack last year grew by 500%, to more than 26Gbps. Pair that with reports that only about 38% of global businesses claim they’re actually ready to tackle a sophisticated cyber attack and you start to understand how important it is for organizations to assess their overall cybersecurity posture and identify existing gaps in protection.

The challenge we face, however, is that as the threat landscape evolves and technology along with it, so too do the tactics used by bad actors; leaving much to be desired in terms of comprehensive cybersecurity.

Nowhere has this become more apparent than in the DNS landscape. 2018 saw the average cost of a single DNS attack increase to $715 000 globally, and an overall surge in attacks where DNS was the preferred vector.

Responding to the growing threat, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an emergency directive to federal agencies and branches instructing them to implement a number of security measures to prevent attacks on the DNS systems supporting those agencies' online operations.

Not long after, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) called for “full DNSSEC deployment” and released a checklist of recommended DNS security actions.

What’s driving the urgency around DNS security?

Because DNS is fundamental to modern IT operations, attackers can use it to:

  • Make enterprises ‘vanish’ from the internet by crippling their DNS.
  • Misdirect users to fake websites and extract personal information.
  • Hijack domain names.

It goes without saying that the risks to applications and data security are too great to ignore.

The NS1 Domain Security Suite

By applying well-established defenses and best practices, businesses can avoid joining the growing list of organizations falling victim to DNS attacks. The NS1 Domain Security Suite is a turnkey package of DNS services and capabilities designed to keep your business and customers safe from DNS exploitation.

DNS Redundancy

Our Domain Security Suite comes equipped with a turnkey dual DNS solution that addresses the existing complexities of DNS redundancy.

DNSSEC Without Compromise

Traditionally, DNSSEC implementation came with a trade-off in traffic management functionality. The Domain Security Suite includes full traffic management support for DNSSEC-secured zones.

Unforeseen Overage Costs Associated with Cyber Attacks

When you’re the victim of a cyber attack, you don’t immediately consider the impact of malicious traffic or a DDoS attack on your overage charges. We’ve got you covered.

How it Works

The NS1 Domain Security Suite equips you with the necessary tools to manage your DNS securely, including:

  • Dual DNS network redundancy with dedicated DNS
  • No-compromise DNSSEC to prevent DNS hijacking and subsequent data exfiltration
  • Secure management access and,
  • DNS usage insights and control

At the end of the day, every brand has an obligation to protect its customers - especially brands whose users provide personal information or complete financial transactions through its online presence. NS1 makes it simple to secure your domain against modern threats.

Speak to an NS1 domain security expert to learn more.

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