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Andy Hershey
Posted by
Andy Hershey on
April 18, 2022

Preparing NS1 for the Next Horizon

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Andy Hershey, shares 3 major initiatives underway to build the world's best platform for managing the complexity of distributed and edge network services.

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From the first conversation I had with Kris, I was inspired by his vision and wanted to help him achieve it.

There’s a massive opportunity for mission-critical, smart network services to help companies manage the complexity of distributed and edge network services to drive business outcomes.

He exuded confidence and enthusiasm when explaining this; the board was no different.

In a sense, this makes growth planning and execution a lot more exciting. I came from Splunk where we took the Cloud business to heights not many imagined it could reach. At Splunk, we worked with our customers to help understand how to leverage their data to manage their own hybrid, multi-cloud complexities to achieve their business outcomes.

It’s a similar customer journey here at NS1. As organizations begin their edge network transformation, only a smart network (and a working network!) can enable these business outcomes to happen.

Kris and the whole team at NS1 have already set the stage for me to come in and immediately get to work. We’re at full speed enabling organizations to have the smartest network infrastructure in the industry. My role is to optimize and capitalize on the wonderful work Kris and his team has already done.

Like my time at Splunk, the people at NS1 are key to making the company successful. The talent, passion and commitment of the GTM teams are extremely similar. I’m proud of the team I built at Splunk to make the Cloud business a $B+ force. I know we can do something similar here. We’re working very closely cross functionally to help grow the NS1 business in new ways.

We have a big focus on our managed DNS capabilities through our NS1 Connect platform. Our portfolio is enabling companies to be available and secure during any business- or mission-critical situation. The goal for us is to expand our product solutions to be a multi-product, network control provider.

At NS1, I’ll be leading a handful of major initiatives. It’s easier if I break them down into three categories:

  • Ensuring customers are gaining significant value
  • Building an adoption and quantifiable business value mindset throughout the organization
  • Planning for our growth

I believe in fostering an environment where people can be stretched professionally in a safe space. We will be growing quickly, efficiently and creatively and in order to do that, I want to give our team the space to have a growth mindset. Different backgrounds and experiences in the room help each other be creative in how they up-level their own thinking.

It’s going to take a massive team effort in the coming months to achieve the goals we have in place. I’m not only excited for the upcoming roadmap, but the journey that we’ll take to get there. I know this won’t always be easy, but to me, it’s part of what helps us prepare for adversity and the long haul.

To our partners and customers, I’m looking forward to building the best platform possible for the world’s needs in new, practical ways.

Here’s to a new chapter and the next horizon at NS1.

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