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Jessica Lavery
Posted by
Jessica Lavery on
May 16, 2022

Outsmarting Network Complexity at INS1GHTS 2022

What we mean by outsmarting complexity, and why we chose it as our theme for this year’s INS1GHTS conference

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You can’t outsmart complexity with a dumb network infrastructure. The network controls supporting our digital world are ineffective, unintelligent and are, quite frankly, holding us back.

The world is increasingly smart: everything and anything can be connected to the internet, allowing us to manage our homes, run factories, edge devices, and more from afar. Yet, current network infrastructure is still stuck in the mud.

We need a new approach to network controls - one that is as smart as the systems it supports and that can orchestrate all the critical control points in a network.

This is why we made Outsmarting Complexity our theme for INS1GHTS 2022.

This year, we have an agenda full of high-caliber speakers from NS1, top tech companies, and even professional athletes sharing their stories about outsmarting their own personal and professional complexities. I love this event because of the value that we are fortunate enough to bring to the industry.

My personal favorite thing about our conference is our two-track system. We heard incredible feedback from both executives and technical attendees to continue this style moving forward. Our two tracks for this year, seNS1ble Leadership (executives) and Technical inteNS1ve (IT practitioners), make this conference completely relevant to your professional objectives.

And while some travel is happening at conferences around the world, INS1GHTS will continue to be virtual this year. So please enjoy the conference from the comfort of your own office, bed, desk, or favorite coffee shop!

Here are some of my personal highlights for this year’s conference:

  • Keynote sessions from Lisa Bodell and Jim Carroll on how to drive meaningful change at your organization - and prepare for our increasingly smart future

  • Stellar guests featured in both tracks from Salesforce, GlobalSign, Team USA, Compassionate Coding, USA Today, Lightmatter, and Threat Stack

  • Full conference streaming for the first time in EMEA (11 a.m. GST) and the U.S. (11 a.m. ET)

  • Deep dives into all things NS1 from our leaders

  • Our popular Beers and Engineers event is here! They’ll take place in both regions following the conference. All engineers are welcome!

  • A partner-only event prior to INS1GHTS

  • It’s still FREE!

INS1GHTS is all about substantial learning and discovering new tools, habits, and tricks to help you outsmart network complexity. We’ll even have breaks in between sessions to ask follow-up questions or network with speakers.

Join us on June 23 for our INS1GHTS conference! You can sign up for the event here:

See you there!

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