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Alex Vayl
Posted by
Alex Vayl on
December 31, 2013

NSONE Newsletter: Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year from all of us at NSONE! To start 2014 right we considered options like getting in shape, spending more time with the family, and even eating less cheese, but in the end we decided to just stick to resolutions of the DNS variety. It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch (all the way back in October, when we could still feel our extremities) and a lot has been going on behind the scenes! Before we take our cheese, retreat to our coding caves, and allow SAD to fully consume us, let’s hurry up and talk about (1) where we are, (2) what’s new, and (3) where we’re heading.

(1) Where are we? By the numbers.

  • 23 ms (and rapidly falling): NSONE’s average response time across all continental US Pingdom nodes (more info on this soon!)
  • 5 continents conquered with the deployments of our latest POPs in Sydney, Australia and Cape Town, South Africa
  • 4 new Filter Chain algorithms, including more options for geotargeting and geofencing
  • 5 holiday parties attended
  • 225 friends and colleagues in attendance at our own Made In Manhattan holiday party
  • $4100 raised on behalf of the Coalition for Queens
  • 100% continued DNS delivery uptime

(2) What’s changed?

The final quarter of 2013 was an exciting one for NSONE: we added new features and functionality, deployed POPs all over the world, and welcomed clients on board a from all sorts of exciting industries. We also raised a glass (well… several glasses) at the Museum of Chinese in America during our first ever Made in Manhattan holiday party. We shared a fun night of festive celebration with clients and friends, old and new. Nobody managed to drunkenly disgrace themselves (which was almost as much a disappointment as it was a relief) and in the process we even managed to help raise money for the Coalition for Queens, a local nonprofit organization whose technological mission is very near and dear to our hearts.

On the technology front we’ve made great progress in our crusade to provide users with unparalleled control over their traffic. We’ve taken that precept to new heights by expanding and improving our most advanced DNS filters, particularly around geofencing and geotargeting. Geotargeting is an integral component of NSONE’s technology stack that allows you to direct traffic based on the location of your end users. In Q4 we made a variety of tweaks and improvements to existing filters like STICKY and WEIGHTED_STICKY to improve the quality of their results. We also taught our geotargeting robot dog some new tricks: previously geotargeting was limited to coarse geographic regions or simple distance metrics, but now you can target specific countries, states, and provinces. Finally, we announced a series of geofencing filters that ensure DNS answers are restricted only to users in a specific region, country, state, or province.

Like all of NSONE’s powerful algorithms, you can chain them together to implement a workflow that fits your exact business needs. Need to send all of your users to your primary site in New York unless it’s down? Use the UP and PRIORITY filters to automatically shift traffic to your DR environment in Dallas in the event of an outage. Need to send your end users in China to a local datacenter? Use the GEOFENCE_COUNTRY filter to send Chinese users to your infrastructure in Hong Kong, and then use GEOTARGET_LATLONG to get the best performance around the world for everyone else. Take things a step further and improve your application’s local performance by using STICKY to ensure users continue visiting the same application servers. You can even use WEIGHTED_STICKY to send 1% of your traffic to the cloud to keep your caches primed so you’re always ready to scale during a traffic event. With nearly 3000 Filter Chain combinations available at your fingertips, NSONE allows you to control and direct your traffic in a meaningful and intelligent way that no other DNS provider can match.

(3) Where are we heading? The not-so-distant future.

We’ve got some exciting updates planned for the next few months. Here are a few you should be aware of:

  • More infrastructure and connectivity. The next quarter will herald expansion into Tokyo, Ashburn, Seattle, and more. Do you need speedy delivery to a specific market? Let us know!
  • A variety of new personalization and customization improvements in our portal, including security improvements like two factor authentication, and display preferences surrounding information like graphs and metrics.
  • More exciting third party integrations, data sources, DNS filters, and a top secret new product or two!

Interested in hearing about our roadmap in greater detail? Need to have a conversation about a specific feature? Have technical questions about geofencing, autoscaling, or load shedding? Want to discuss the best Vines of 2013 or the year in music? Get in touch by e-mailing us at [email protected] or by using the feedback button in

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