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Alex Vayl
Posted by
Alex Vayl on
September 30, 2013

NSONE Newsletter: Falling Leaves, Rising Stats

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Fall has officially arrived here at NSONE Headquarters in New York and, much like our feature list, things are growing cooler by the day. It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch (August to be precise) and a lot has been going on behind the scenes! Before we shift our attention to gathering acorns in Central Park in preparation for the fast-approaching winter, let’s get right into (1) where we are, (2) what’s new, and (3) where we’re heading.

(1) Where are we? By the numbers.

  • 100+: the number of customers who have recently signed up with NSONE
  • 2x increase in the number of DNS records under NSONE management
  • 800x increase in daily peak traffic
  • 1 new website launched
  • 58 API calls available to all users
  • 10 million: the massive number of free queries included with our Personal Plan
  • 100% uptime
  • 24/7 Pro and Enterprise support at 1-855 GET-NSONE

(2) What’s changed?

You may have noticed that our website has a new look! Like our powerful DNS platform, the NSONE website is streamlined, easy to navigate, and provides a quick and easy way to learn everything you need to know about our technology, our pricing, and our vision for providing the next generation of cost-effective, intelligent DNS services.

Being computer people we like technology, we love automation, and we sometimes like to avoid contact with humans at all costs. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops, get on the phone to talk to someone, or commit to expensive contracts in order to test a DNS platform, let alone get access to all features. Our Personal Plan lets you sign up with no credit card required and includes 5 million free queries of any type, every month.

Best of all, we don’t put artificial limits on our platform based on the plan you sign up for. With NSONE, there are no second class citizens. The instant a user signs up for our Personal Plan, they get access to the full power of our platform – all with no hassle and no commitment. Every location, every feature, and every advanced load balancing algorithm is available to every single user.

On the technology front, we’ve got all sorts of exciting updates including new load balancing algorithms, expanded account management tools, and lots of new API calls that allow you to programmatically perform every action available to you in our powerful but easy to use portal.

Specific updates include:

  • New advanced filter weighted_sticky – answers are shuffled randomly based on the weight metadata field, but the shuffling is consistently the same for the same requester IP address
  • Improved routing, particularly for continental Europe and Asia
  • Full featured (and we mean full) API along with easy-to-read documentation and example code
  • Enhanced user & API key management, and fine grained access controls allow your employees to access specific zones
  • Improved activity logging and audit reporting
  • Portal enhancements that provide automated overage alerting, at-a-glance billing details, and improved visibility into subscription plans and per-zone/per-record usage breakdown

(3) Where are we heading? The not-so-distant future.

We’ve got some exciting updates planned for the next few months. Here are a few you should be aware of:

  • IPV6 rollout. Currently IPV6 is deployed worldwide and undergoing internal testing. E-mail us if you’d like to be among the first to be notified when IPV6 is available to customers
  • Infrastructure and connectivity. We’re bringing several new facilities online over the next quarter. Do you have a need to be in a particular market? Let us know!
  • New filters and new datasources. Over the coming weeks, look for new ways to take control of your traffic, including additional advanced algorithms like geofencing, and more 3rd party sources for Data Feeds
  • More self-service. We’ll be rolling out more detailed documentation, including tutorials, screencasts, and walkthroughs

Interested in hearing about our roadmap in greater detail? Need to have a conversation about a specific feature? Have technical questions about DNS, automated Disaster Recovery, the benefits of WinAmp versus Foobar 2000, or the airspeed of an unladen Rhodesian Ridgeback (trick question: only one doge can fly)? Get in touch by e-mailing us at [email protected] or by using the feedback button in

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