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Alex Vayl
Posted by
Alex Vayl on
July 31, 2013

NSONE Newsletter: August 2013 - Data Driven DNS

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A lot has happened here at NSONE since our last newsletter went out in July! In the past 30 days we met all of the 60 day objectives laid out in our last communication. Without further ado, let’s jump right into (1) where we are, (2) what’s new, and (3) where we’re heading.

(1) Where are we? By the numbers.

  • 5 global facilities covering 3 continents (N. America, AsiaPac, and Europe)
  • 100% anycasted – end users are automatically directed to nearest facility
  • 60-70% drop in latency to end users across the globe
  • 1M QPS capacity online today

(2) What’s changed? New features and functionality.

Announcing Data Feeds

Data Feeds are a way to leverage real time information from third party monitoring services (including your own code) from within NSONE to perform tasks like automated failover and Global Server Load Balancing. You can connect virtually any data source to the metadata tables associated with your records, answers, and regions. Updates from a data source are published in real time to our DNS infrastructure so your filters will make decisions based on up to the second monitoring information.

The combination of data feeds and NSONE’s filters results in an easy and elegant way to implement complex application-specific load balancing scenarios. For example, you can feed your Amazon Cloudwatch monitors directly into NSONE to automatically remove servers that are down from your answers. Or, you can feed real time load metrics to NSONE to make intelligent routing decisions based on the performance of your servers at various datacenters.

Five data sources are available at this time:

Additional services will be integrated in the coming weeks – check the Data Sources page regularly for updates. Looking to make DNS decisions based on a data source that we haven’t implemented yet? We’d love to hear about it! Simply login to and click on the orange Feedback button, or drop us a quick e-mail at [email protected]

(3) Where are we heading? The not-so-distant Future.

Our efforts over the last 30 days have been been heavily focused on tuning and improving NSONE under the hood. We are continuing to build on this momentum and expanding our global footprint. Over the coming weeks you’ll see us turn our laser-like focus to a number of simple but important account management features: user management and access controls, better reporting and billing visibility, easy to understand invoices, better zone and record management tools, and more. Some of these features are starting to show up already, so log in and check them out!

Interested in hearing about our roadmap in greater detail? Need to have a conversation about a specific feature? Have technical questions about DNS, Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), the mind-boggling price of transit in Singapore, or 40′ cruising sailboats? Get in touch by e-mailing us at [email protected] or by using the feedback button in

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