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Terry Bernstein
Posted by
Terry Bernstein on
January 19, 2021

NS1’s Integration with ThousandEyes Makes Cloud and Internet Telemetry Actionable

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I am excited to announce our new integration with Cisco ThousandEyes. Many of our customers use ThousandEyes for digital experience monitoring across their applications and services. With this integration, they can now make their ThousandEyes monitoring insights actionable through NS1, ensuring optimal application delivery even in the face of cloud and internet service disruptions.

In short, here’s how the integration works. NS1 receives real-time alerts from ThousandEyes and uses that information to make application traffic steering decisions through our patented NS1 Filter Chain™ technology. For example, if ThousandEyes detects a service disruption affecting the availability or performance of an application endpoint, it generates and sends an alert to NS1, which then removes the unhealthy endpoint from its list of answers, thus mitigating a poor customer experience during an application outage.

Having the ability to see and immediately act on cloud and internet issues that could jeopardize application delivery is paramount to business success. That’s because in today’s hyper-connected world, cloud and internet service disruptions and slowdowns are as common as they are unpredictable. Despite such adverse conditions, customers and users expect fast, uninterrupted experiences on websites and internet applications that are increasingly critical to the business and the bottom line. Organizations need a way to ensure consistent, performant application experiences in this challenging environment.

That’s why we are continually innovating with ecosystem partners like ThousandEyes to build integrations that work to close the loop between observability and action in an automated and orchestrated way. Doing so helps our customers to more easily and efficiently navigate through cloud, internet, and other disruptions even at a global scale.

For more information about our integration with ThousandEyes, read our data sheet.

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