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Jasmine Noel
Posted by
Jasmine Noel on
June 3, 2020

NS1 and ServiceNow integration accelerates application delivery

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The increased dependency on applications to delivery business value means organizations are developing and deploying applications faster than ever before. Yet, the complex, heterogeneous nature of IT infrastructures can create challenges for organizations that are building and deploying new applications and services. These teams are looking for opportunities to consolidate tools and automate workflows in an effort to reduce risk, improve operational efficiency, and maximize infrastructure investments.

The NS1 integration with ServiceNow eliminates another layer of network and infrastructure management complexity. Teams can incorporate NS1’s modern orchestration capabilities into existing processes, build and customize workflows, and manage user privileges all within a single, familiar interface. The easy-to-configure integration provides a library of reusable activities, actions, and workflows for managing DNS, DHCP, and IP addresses and networks.

With the ServiceNow Flow Designer or Orchestration, users can create automated and customizable workflows and processes. Communication through NS1’s REST API allows users to manage any DNS or DDI task through the Service Now portal and ensures data is an integral part of other IT service and operations management modules.The NS1-ServiceNow integration also enables enterprises to operate faster with better control over infrastructure and application traffic management functions such as:

  • DevOps Change Automation - Integrate with DevOps pipeline by automating the provisioning of IP networks, IP addresses and DNS records as part of a complete application infrastructure.
  • Task Automation - Eliminate manual bottlenecks within ServiceNow change management and approval processes by automating routine network administration tasks
  • IT Service Management - Automate networking tasks that are part of delivering Service Catalog items (e.g. installing a printer or a server which requires IP address assignment)

The ServiceNow integration is part of NS1’s commitment to continued innovation to support cross-functional processes needed for high-velocity application deployment and data-driven, network-aware application delivery. Another recent integration focuses on Active Directory with Roles Based Access Controls in order to improve operational efficiency. Integrations with Kubernetes, Consul, Avi Networks (VMWare NSX), NGINX, and HAProxy allow customers to seamlessly connect industry-leading technologies to improve automation, velocity, and scale for modern applications.

NS1 accelerates application development and delivery by giving DevOps and engineering teams the autonomy they need to work efficiently, effectively and securely. This new integration eliminates networking change control bottlenecks that delay application deployments and will make IT teams an enabler of DevOps processes.

For more information about NS1’s integration with ServiceNow, read the solution brief or download the integrations from the ServiceNow Store, and visit the website to learn more about NS1’s robust suite of integrations.

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