[Webinar] Navigating Around DNS Performance Issues in China with NS1 and Catchpoint

New Subscription Plans for Managed DNS

Last week NS1 launched a new set of subscription plans for our Managed DNS service and we’re excited to tell you more about them. So, what are the changes, why did we make them, and what has been the reaction so far?

First, here’s what we didn’t change: NS1’s free Starter Plan. NS1 is the only top tier Managed DNS and Traffic Management provider where you can use the entire platform and all of its functionality completely for free. Our Starter Plan is not a 30-day trial; it’s a zero-cost service you can use to power your next project or business, or just kick the tires and see what all the fuss is about. What’s more, it is full featured - you’ll get complete access to the power of our Filter Chain technology, our built-in monitoring, our industry-leading API, and all of our integrations & toolkits.

What has changed? We’ve made it easier and less expensive for everyone ranging from startups to major businesses to find a plan that fits their needs and their budget. Before the launch of our Developer Tier plans, users who wanted to upgrade from our free Starter plan had to jump all the way to a $200/mo Business Plan which, for many users, was more than they required. Today we have plans starting at $25/mo and $100/mo that are scaled to meet the needs of these companies. We also made it a point and click affair to further customize these plans by adding additional resources (queries, records, monitors, and Filter Chains) as needed. As your business grows it is easy to add more of the resources you need without being forced into a higher plan.

On the Enterprise side we’ve also made some significant improvements. NS1 services an incredibly diverse set of companies, and their use cases and needs are just as different as their businesses. Some are operating giant PaaS systems that service their own clients across millions of zones. Some are in ad-tech where every millisecond matters and they’re focused more on achieving a dual provider set-up with full feature parity via our Redundant DNS technology. And some are simply laser focused on applying NS1’s cutting edge Traffic Management abilities to a handful of important DNS records. All of these companies also have wildly different requirements when it comes to support and professional services. We sat down with existing customers, prospects, and of course our world class sales team, and crafted a new set of tools and service plans that allow for greater flexibility when designing and building our Professional and Enterprise plans.

It has been only a few days since we released these changes and so far the reaction from the community has been extremely positive. We are seeing tons of interest in the more flexible Developer Plans, and structuring the right Enterprise Plans for our new customers has never been easier or more transparent. Check out the new plans on our website and let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.