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Kris Beevers
Posted by
Kris Beevers on
June 21, 2021

NetBox - Network Automation and Infrastructure Management Powerhouse

Last week we announced the launch of NS1 Labs. A key focus for the NS1 Labs team is our investment in NetBox, the popular open source platform for modern network automation and infrastructure resource management.

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As we’ve rapidly scaled our enterprise footprint over the last several years, especially with our Enterprise DDI products, one open source project - NetBox - has been mentioned by our customers with increasing frequency and now appears in many of their networks. NetBox was started by Jeremy Stretch while he was building networks at DigitalOcean, and the project turns 5 next week. NetBox is a fully open-sourced platform for modern network automation and infrastructure resource management, with feature rich, API addressable functionality for IP address management (IPAM), datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM), and more.

Earlier this year I met with Jeremy several times and I was deeply compelled by his vision, the philosophy of the NetBox project, and the incredible community that has formed around NetBox - as evidenced by its over 8,000 stars on Github, active discussion group, and busy Slack. Most importantly, when I met with NS1 customers who use NetBox, what I found was excitement at the incredible potential they saw for the software in their networks, and a strong sense of NetBox’s value for their network automation strategies compared with other tools.

We decided to invest in NetBox because of its deep alignment with our mission to connect the world’s applications and audiences, in this case by unlocking powerful network automation for increasingly distributed and dynamic enterprise network footprints. Jeremy joined NS1 Labs as a Distinguished Engineer, where he will focus all of his efforts on NetBox and its community.

Our top priority at NS1 with respect to NetBox is to support the community and open source NetBox project in ways that align with the community’s philosophy and values. As a software engineer for over 20 years, I truly believe in the power of open source to change the world. I myself have made a number of open source contributions and open sourced quite a few projects. Building what Jeremy and the NetBox community have built is no small feat, and our first rule at NS1 for NetBox is: don’t break what’s working well - support it!

We will also work with the NetBox community and our customers to find ways to more tightly integrate NS1’s products with NetBox, and we will seek strategies to meet the needs of our enterprise customers for support, enterprise grade features, and ease of management that align to the goals of the community and enable NS1 to increase our investment in NetBox over time.

Here’s how you can get engaged with NetBox:

Learn more about NS1 Labs in my recent blog post: A Wave of Open Source Innovation at NS1 Labs with Orb and NetBox.

Learn More about NetBox at INS1GHTS2021: Build the Better Future

Check out the replay of Jeremy Stretch's INS1GHTS session on exciting NetBox updates.

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