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Alex Vayl
Posted by
Alex Vayl on
June 1, 2014

Third-party Data Feeds are and always will be a fundamental part of the NSONE platform. You know how to monitor your infrastructure best, so why would you want to add redundant monitoring with your DNS provider just so you can do intelligent failover? We understand that, and that’s why you can hook your existing monitoring services directly into NSONE — we’ll beam your data directly to the edges of our network in real-time.

If, however, you don’t already have an account setup with our friends at Boundary, Pingdom, Rackspace, or any of the other industry-leading monitoring platforms we offer point-and-click integration with, you might be interested to know that now — right now — you’ve got access to a robust, distributed monitoring system directly from the portal. Go ahead and look, we’ll wait!

NSONE’s monitoring was built with distributed applications in mind and it has everything you’d expect from a world-class monitoring system:

  • Global reach: monitor your infrastructure simultaneously from up to five global locations of your choosing
  • Functionality: simple checks via ICMP or advanced scripting via TCP, both are a breeze to configure
  • Intelligence: choose when to mark an answer as down when one, a majority, or all of our monitoring nodes detect a failure – tailor the logic to fit your business needs
  • Convenience: failback is optional – when a server is no longer failing it’s up to you whether or not you’d like to automatically add it back in as an answer
  • Visibility: alert your staff using a variety of notification options including email, webhooks, and more
  • Speed: run jobs as frequently as you need to – intervals as low as every five seconds
  • Integration: tight integration with our Filter Chain means changes in your infrastructure’s health update your answers in real-time across our entire network
  • Elegance: no special record types, and no record-spaghetti where an unmanageable nest of cascading layers of records referencing other records is required just to do geotargeting and monitoring at the same time. Simply hook monitors right into your existing records and laugh all the way to the bank because . . .
  • Finally: It’s free.

Just like our DNS technology, the NSONE monitoring platform was designed from the ground up to be powerful yet intuitive, and like all of our features it’s available to all of our users for free, regardless of what plan you’re on. Try it out today!