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February 7, 2017

Join us on Thursday, February 9, 2017 when our Senior Technical Evangelist, Carl Levine, talks about DNS and Redundancy in our webinar: Dual Network DNS Delivery: Why Two is Better Than One. Learn more about the importance of DNS redundancy configurations.

Why Redundant DNS?

The basic “table stakes” characteristics of an enterprise class managed DNS service are high reliability, high availability, high performance, and traffic management. However, even the most robust DNS infrastructure is not immune to outages. Outages may be localized in which certain DNS servers in the network are not responding or, less commonly, a system wide outage impacting the entire network. A system wide failure in the DNS can take an entire business offline - the equivalent of power failure in every one of their data centers.

While there is a great deal of redundancy built into the architectures of top tier DNS providers, there remains the exposure that they are a single point of failure in the infrastructure of enterprises that rely solely on one provider.

Given that delivering high scale, high performance online services is a core business requirement of many enterprises, it is not surprising that reliability and infrastructure engineers are taking a closer look at their DNS.

More details on the webinar

With the emergence of mega-DDoS attacks and the always present risk of network outages and disruptions, the importance of secondary DNS is clear. Secondary DNS adds a level of resiliency to applications, easing the burden on networking and operations teams that support those applications. Furthermore, organizations with complex DNS traffic management implementations benefit from secondary DNS as it helps head off issues before they become a problem for the network.

Join us on February 9th @ 2 PM Eastern where we will discuss:
A fundamental look at secondary DNS, past and present
Why dual network DNS delivery is becoming more important than ever before
Leveraging a high performance, reliable platform for DNS when you have tools, code or other dependencies tied into an in-house DNS server
Using secondary DNS to avoid single points of failure
Implementing secondary DNS: best practices

Who should attend this webinar?

DevOps Specialists
Front-end Engineers
Network Engineers
CTOs and Directors of Engineering

Please note, this is a technical webinar. As a prerequisite, attendees should have a basic understanding of DNS.

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