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Warren Mead
Posted by
Warren Mead on
January 8, 2020

ITGL and NS1: Partnering to Take DNS Security to the Next Level

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Anywhere you go, application performance and security rate top of mind for those accessing data across a network, both internally and externally.

In August, NS1 announced the partnership with Cisco and our native API integration specifically with Cisco Umbrella. We are bringing our software-defined, API-first approach to DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) behind the firewall to work alongside Cisco Umbrella’s enterprise approach to network security to optimize the user experience and keep our mutual customers and their users secure.

To bring this technology to market, we have sought out the best of the best solution providers across the globe to deliver not only product but the full solution to our joint customers. ITGL has long been a Cisco focused partner, providing IT professional services and solutions to networking, security & collaboration with an emphasis on cloud-based solutions and services. Today, we launch our partnership with ITGL as we look to take DNS security to the next level!

ITGL have built their reputation on a client-centric consultative approach with migration, adoption, and support services central to implementation. With the unified NS1 and Cisco Umbrella solution, ITGL can help customers provide agile application deployment and delivery while protecting their most critical assets.

Building a strong eco system of partners is crucial to NS1 in EMEA, so I am thrilled to be able to announce this partnership with ITGL to accelerate NS1’s channel strategy, said Mark Fieldhouse, NS1 General Manager of EMEA.

Meeting Application Delivery Demands with NS1 Enterprise DDI & Cisco Umbrella

On January 16th, ITGL will sponsor a webcast which details how the integration between NS1 and Cisco Umbrella works and the value to the market.

NS1 + Cisco Umbrella

The integration between NS1 and Cisco allows you to protect and manage the DNS queries happening both in and outside of your internal network. Any queries made from a device within an internal network are sent to the organization's on-premise NS1 DNS server. This server will resolve all queries to and from IP addresses within the network. All public DNS queries are forwarded to the Umbrella network of recursive resolvers. Based on the organization’s custom security policy, Umbrella responds with the IP address for approved domains or a blocked page for those that are restricted. Cisco Umbrella also helps teams identify the source of a suspicious DNS query, enabling them to locate the infected endpoint, quarantine it and fix it.

By utilizing this integration, customers can prevent attackers from redirecting queries to known malware drop sites and malicious locations, pinpoint the source of the query then mitigate and remediate in minutes!

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