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Jess Bahr
Posted by
Jess Bahr on
October 1, 2019

International Podcast Day

Listen to what our employees have to say in these podcasts

To celebrate, NS1 is sharing some of our employees' favorite podcasts to listen to, as well as some podcasts we’re featured in!

Ask Mr. DNS Podcast

Kris Beevers, along with other industry leaders, discusses the future of DNS as well as NXDOMAIN responses in the context of security and NSEC3/NSEC records, implications of new TLDs, communication surrounding DNS attacks, and much more.

The Elasticast

Devin Bernosky, Solutions Engineer Manager, talks about what NS1 does and how they leverage the Elastic stack to provide data-driven DNS.

Strike Deck Podcast

Evan Rich, the Director of Customer Success at NS1, talks about how he built out NS1’s first health scoring system.

‎Trophy Time Podcast

Joshua Trotta talks about all things fantasy football in his own podcast.

Here are some of our engineers’ favorites.

Myths and Legends - This weekly podcast goes into the origins of some common myths and legends that shape our culture.

The Rewatchables - This podcast is for the movie enthusiast, take a deeper look into some popular movies throughout the years.

The Late-Round Podcast - For fantasy football fans, this analytics-driven podcast is for you.

RotoUnderworld Radio - Another fantasy football podcast - this podcast will keep you up to date on the fantasy football world.

Talk From Superheroes - For superhero fans, this podcast covers a different TV or superhero movie each week.

Joe Rogan Experience - Comedian Joe Rogan hosts interesting and notable guests in his popular podcast.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Despite its name, you don’t need to be a hardcore history buff to appreciate this entertaining and intriguing podcast.

Binge Mode - This pop culture podcast by The Ringer takes a deep dive into popular cinema and TV, including Game of Thrones.

Pardon My Take - This thrice-weekly comedic podcast covers all things sports.

Planet Money - This podcast covers all things money and economics and how it shapes our lives today.

How I Built This - This NPR podcast dives into how well-know companies became what they are today.

The Pitch - Listen to real entrepreneurs giving real pitches in this podcast.

Reply All- This podcast takes you through interesting stories about how the internet and humanity intersect.

Small Town Murder - This podcast is perfect for those who love true crime and comedy.

The Adventure Zone - This biweekly comedy podcast features the McElroy family as they venture into Dungeons & Dragons-esque gameplay.

My Brother, My Brother And Me - A weekly comedy advice podcast from the McElroy brothers.

Twenty Thousand Hertz - For stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.

The Pivot with Andrew Osenga - For stories about people who have made a change in their lives.

The Greatest Generation - for the Star Trek fans who may be a bit embarrassed to admit they’re fans.