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Carl Levine
Posted by
Carl Levine on
May 8, 2017

Integrated Traffic Management - Overview

NS1’s integrated traffic management program provides the technical and design support that enables enterprises to leverage real-time telemetry from application delivery controllers to optimize application performance and infrastructure utilization. Integrated architectures deliver better application performance and enhanced end user quality of experience by ensuring application workloads are directed to the points of presence best able to respond. Enterprises gain the benefits of a global traffic management solution without having to purchase, deploy, manage and secure the infrastructure needed to do so.

Technical Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Integrated Traffic Management program?

A: The Integrated Traffic Management Program leverages the ability of the NS1 Platform to use telemetry from networks and data center infrastructure to deliver intelligent traffic management. The Integrated Traffic Management Program is an NS1 initiative for developing combined solutions with leading 3rd party network and data center products. These solutions make it easier for NS1 customers to deploy advanced traffic management for better, more consistent application performance.

Q: What are some examples of these solutions?

A: Global Load Balancing is the intelligent distribution of traffic across server resources located in multiple geographies. NS1 announced solutions with HAProxy, a leading open source load balancer and KEMP, a leading commercial load balancer. These solutions make it easy for customers to deploy Global Load Balancing in combination with those load balancers. They factor in real time traffic load and data center capacity, preventing maldistribution of workloads across multiple points of presence.

Q: Is this a new feature announcement?

A: This is an existing capability of the NS1 platform.

Q: Why is NS1 announcing a capability it already has?

A: Many enterprises are struggling with how to effectively manage traffic across distributed application architectures. Through the Integrated Traffic Management program, NS1 provides configuration guidance and sample code to make it easier for enterprises to solve a number of traffic management challenges.

Q: Where are these resources provided?

A: Solution Guides and white papers are posted on the NS1 website.

Q: What if there is no solution guide for the challenge I am looking to solve?

A: NS1 will work with customers to help configure specific solutions for their operation.

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