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Kris Beevers
Posted by
Kris Beevers on
June 14, 2021

INS1GHTS 2021: Build the Better Future - A Look at How Technology is Changing the World

Our 2nd annual INS1GHTS conference focuses on the ever-growing role technology plays in our hyperconnected world, how it is shaping the future for the better, and how we can overcome barriers to innovation.

Our INS1GHTS 2021: Build the Better Future conference is just around the corner and we have an exciting line-up of technology professionals, developer advocates and leadership experts to share their perspectives and experiences across two conference tracks.

The Technical InteNS1ve track will focus on developer topics and practical advice for breaking barriers to innovation. The sessions in the SeNS1ble Leadership track will focus on leadership and personal growth topics that demonstrate how personal development helps you push past limitations and can unlock the fullest potential of people. We also have several exciting and distinguished keynote speakers scheduled throughout the day.

Watch the Replays from INS1GHTS2021: Build the Better Future

View all the session replays from our annual one-day, virtual event that brings together global tech leaders across a variety of industries.

While each presentation is unique, there is a common thread holding them all together - the role technology plays in our everyday lives and how it is shaping the future of our world for the better.

Applications are improving the way we live, work, learn and share information. They are also helping solve some of society’s most pressing challenges. As a result, we all expect more from the technology we consume. We want it faster, simple and more reliable. Innovative organizations must be able to connect their applications and audiences wherever they are with the assurance of consistently high performance and reliability, even as conditions change.

Unfortunately, the legacy technology foundations built decades ago can no longer keep up with the pace of innovation required to rise to the demands and opportunities of digital transformation. Modern applications require a modern approach. They rely on flexible and agile solutions, rebuilt and reimagined. These solutions must transcend the conventional boundaries among applications, users, infrastructure, and data to eliminate barriers to innovation.

Our INS1GHTS 2021: Build the Better Future conference is a chance to celebrate the reachers who refuse to let these obstacles stand in their way, as well as the innovations they create. We understand that it is their creativity that fuels progress and their ingenuity that pushes us past the limitations of our current systems.

And that is why the theme for this year’s conference is “build the better future”. It is both a theme and a call to action - to modernize the systems that create connections between applications and audiences at scale so we can all continue innovating and turbocharge ideas

We will hear from organizations that have made steps to modernize their tech infrastructure and the results of these shifts. We will also share our own tech vision to be an ally for innovators building the better future and for creating application traffic intelligence and automation solutions that can provide efficiency and modernization, business reliability and security and provide exceptional application experiences through this technology.

I hope you can join us for the conference and expo. You can register for the event here:

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to interact with all the attendees and speakers in our innovative virtual platform. See you there!