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Ajay Gupta
Posted by
Ajay Gupta on
November 19, 2021
Tech Innovation

How to Simplify Management of DNS and IPAM in Multi-Cloud Environments

CloudSync - part of our Cloud-Managed DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) solution - provides a single pane of glass to manage DDI infrastructure across multiple cloud providers

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As enterprises continue to invest in cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives, workloads are increasingly distributed across complex multi and hybrid cloud environments. Rapid innovation in cloud technologies and improved cost efficiencies, coupled with a “lift and shift '' approach, has made cloud platforms the de facto standard for providing services. Many organizations do not want to get locked into a single provider, but use multiple clouds to support specific functions and services. Data is dispersed across AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP to potentially optimize the different applications and distribute workloads.

The Old Way: Siloed Approaches to Managing DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) Infrastructure

Until recently, companies had few alternative tools to manage DDI infrastructure besides what was offered by their public cloud provider. This approach can work well if you use only one cloud provider, but it gets complicated in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment. It results in siloed management, limited visibility of resources, or having to manage multiple separate tools with no interoperability (if any).

Without centralized visibility of various DNS records and IP addresses, it becomes incredibly difficult to troubleshoot, manage availability, and maintain systems. It can become even more of a nightmare if you have different, siloed teams managing infrastructure. In effect, it can lead to accidental and unwanted chaos engineering.

As a result, your enterprise can be at risk of losing access to cloud workloads (e.g., EC2, S3 and servers) if your cloud provider’s DNS goes down. And, automation becomes near impossible to enable - slowing down digital transformation initiatives needed to meet larger business objectives.

How NS1’s CloudSync Streamlines Management of Multi-Cloud Environments and Builds Resilience

CloudSync is our latest improvement to our Cloud-Managed DDI solution. It provides a single source of truth for managing on-premises and cloud-based DNS, as well as IP Address Management. It centralizes DNS and IPAM-related resources from any public cloud provider in one place for easy visualization and access to DNS and IP Address Management services. This streamlines network resource management for enterprises with multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

CloudSync for NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI provides:

  • Single Pane of glass

  • Single Source of Truth

  • Frictionless adoption of Multi-Cloud

  • Simplified management

  • Centralized auditing and monitoring

CloudSync alleviates the issues of siloed management, making it easy and frictionless for foundational core services management in a multi- and hybrid cloud environment. With a centralized view, your team can work in a single portal, rather than managing multiple disparate dashboards for different providers. This greatly simplifies auditing, monitoring, accounting and troubleshooting. It also improves network availability and resiliency, as DNS is available even if one of your public cloud providers suffers an outage.

Updates from cloud providers to NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI can be scheduled and automated. Admins can easily check update history, monitor logs for auditing, track errors and orchestrate and provision for various network resources. These updates can be done either in an incremental manner based on what is new, or as a full update depending upon your specific requirements.

CloudSync provides a centralized global view for various network resources including VPCs (Virtual Private Clouds), Subnets and available IP ranges, virtual machine instances, load balancer instances, kubernetes clusters. This enables your infrastructure and operations teams to automate and push policy control in real-time.

Enterprises need a unified approach in managing their increasingly complex and distributed infrastructure. With our latest feature, CloudSync, customers gain a single authoritative source of truth, making complex multi-cloud environments simple, accessible, and easy to manage.

NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI meets the modern networking requirements that legacy systems cannot.

To learn more, watch : Building a Resilient, Distributed Enterprise with Cloud-Managed DNS, DHCP and IPAM.

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