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Alex Vayl
Posted by
Alex Vayl on
February 17, 2016

Dynamically Synchronize NS1 DNS Records with an ISC DHCP Server

The ISC DHCP server is an easy and efficient way to provide devices with IP addresses. ISC DHCP is open source software that implements the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for connection to an IP network. It provides a complete way for implementing DHCP servers, relay agents, and clients for small local networks to large enterprises.

If you’re using ISC DHCP along side a NS1’s DNS solution, our handy tool, ns1-dhcpd-ddns-sync, can help by synchronizing active DHCP leases with specified NS1 forward and reverse zones, including removing DNS entries for expired leases.

Using ns1-dhcpd-ddns-sync is as simple as generating an NS1 API key, copying the Perl script to a suitable location on your DHCP server, and adding it to root’s crontab.

To learn more about ns1-dhcpd-ddns-sync see the links below, or contact us anytime.



ns1-dhcpd-ddns-sync Documentation:

NS1’s Github: