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Jonathan Lewis
Posted by
Jonathan Lewis on
October 29, 2018

DNS for a DevOps Future

We are very excited to release a new analyst report from 451 Research covering the role of DNS in DevOps. 451 Research first started paying attention to NS1 in the early days of our company and we are happy to report that the predictions they made about us back then were spot on. Here is what they said in late 2015:

As IT departments evolve into service delivery organizations there’s a need to align cloud service spend with business results. Measuring the impact of application performance on the business is critical. Beyond measurement, the ability to adjust infrastructure strategies on the fly in programmatic fashion is the piece of the puzzle that NS1 is aiming to address. The company is on target with its offering.

451 Analyst Report - NS1 Aims Pulsar, Managed DNS at Web Scale Enterprise Market

Today, 451 Research is giving us their take on DNS and DevOps. Automation and DevOps are key to the future of the digital age so it is no surprise that the analysts are all over it as a subject of their research. In this latest report, “DNS for a DevOps Future”, Craig Matsumoto from 451 Research covers some of the big trends they have been following in terms of enterprise DevOps adoption, plans and future spending, and then gets into the details of the role DNS needs to play in this new world. As Craig points out in the report:

The combination of cloud and CI/CD adds up to this: a set of applications, running remotely, that can change frequently – sometimes automatically – depending on telemetry gleaned from real-world usage. It’s a complicated situation to track.

One of the technology solutions to address these complexities is DNS. DNS can be leveraged for application delivery and management in a way that doesn’t require extensive retooling of applications, and is also cost-effective in terms of operating expenses.

We couldn’t agree more. Please give this report a read -

Analyst Report

it may trigger some new ideas in your organization about how DNS can help you move forward with your plans for digital transformation. You can read more about NS1's Automation and DevOps solutions here.