DevOpsDays is coming to the Mint Museum Uptown in Charlotte

Alex Vayl
January 31, 2017

DevOpsDays is at the forefront of shared knowledge, collaboration, culture and inclusion of developers, operations and anyone involved with technology. The conference will include a mix of presentations, ignite talks, ignite karaoke and open spaces covering a broad range of culture, devops and technical topics.

Next week we're excited to not only be attending, but to also be a sponsor of DevOpsDays Charlotte! If you plan on being in the area, please make sure to REGISTER and join us. Event details are as follows:

DevOpsDays Charlotte will have tons of exciting talks and presentations this year. Here are some of our favorites:


10:30am - An Optimist’s Guide to Chaos Engineering - Andy Fleener
11:00am - Urban Legends: What You Code Makes You Who You Are - PJ Hagerty
11:30am - DevOps @Scale (Greek Tragedy in 3 Acts) - Leonid Igolnik & Baruch Sadogursky


9:00am - Not actually a DevOps Talk - Coté
9:30am - AppSec in a DevOps World - Peter Chestna
10:30am - SRE: Lessons Learned from a Parallel Universe - David Blank-Edelman
11:00am - Move to the cloud and sleep at night - James Huston
11:30am - Talking to People: The Forgotten DevOps Tool - Peter Va

Swing by our swag table to get a t-shirt and talk about DNS, traffic management and application performance. We'll doing a Smart Bulb giveaway so make sure to have a business card handy.

If you'd like to get in touch ahead of DevOpsDays, just shoot us a note.

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