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Ajay Gupta
Posted by
Ajay Gupta on
October 11, 2021
Tech Innovation

Delivering Cloud-Native Network Services at the Enterprise Distributed Edge with NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI

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Over the course of the past decade, enterprises have undergone a digital transformation to improve operating and cost models, accelerate the pace of innovation, and reach new markets all over the world.

To date, digital transformation has largely consisted of moving data and workloads from the physical to the virtual, from the data center to the cloud, from owned technology to everything as a service, and from manual processes to automation everywhere.

The next phase of enterprise digital transformation pushes enterprises to the edge - literally.

What is the enterprise distributed edge?

The enterprise distributed edge pushes enterprise storage, compute, and networking from centralized locations, such as data centers and clouds, to decentralized or distributed edge locations that are closer to where data is generated and consumed. Fueled by advancements in 5G, IoT, AI, and microservices architectures, the enterprise distributed edge has the potential to unlock new possibilities across every sector, such as --

  • Omnichannel retail experiences that enable customers to use mobile applications and AR to discover in-store inventory, pricing, and promotions in real time.

  • Industry 4.0 processes on the manufacturing floor that benefit from extremely low latency computing.

  • Mobile healthcare clinics and field sites that process and store electronic personal health information (ePHI) in accordance with data privacy regulations.

  • “Branch of one” call centers that allow companies to quickly hire remote customer service and sales representatives in any region without a physical office location.

The enterprise distributed edge will fundamentally change how businesses operate, enabling them to more securely connect business-critical applications and data with audiences everywhere while drastically reducing networking costs, latency, and deployment times. This, in turn, will eliminate barriers to innovation and enable new opportunities not yet imagined.

The enterprise distributed edge requires a new generation of enterprise networking services and capabilities that are built from the ground up to support this new paradigm.

That’s why I am so excited about today’s announcement of our new NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI solution.

Introducing NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI

NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI enables enterprises to deliver cloud-native network services anywhere they need, from edge to the cloud to the data center and beyond.

Traditional enterprise DDI solutions are software or appliance-based and are typically hosted within a centralized on-premises location. NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI is different. It is the world’s first truly cloud-native, SaaS solution to deliver foundational network services across the enterprise distributed edge while maintaining centralized, unified management in the cloud.

With NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI, you can deploy and scale lightweight, software-defined DNS and DHCP services quickly and easily wherever they’re needed with zero-touch provisioning and modern fleet management. Putting these services at the edge supports fast, local processing as well as local survivability, so you can keep your applications running and your business moving even in the face of internet and cloud service disruptions.

NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI is delivered on NS1 Connect, our unified cloud delivery platform. This allows you to consolidate management across all NS1 technologies, including NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI, NS1 Managed DNS, and Pulsar® Active Traffic Steering solutions -- all from a single cloud console. Across all technologies, NS1 Connect provides a modern and intuitive UI, internet-scale infrastructure, a single API, patented NS1 Filter Chain™ technology, and integration ecosystem.

No other technology provider comes close in providing this comprehensive suite of technologies on a single cloud-native platform. In doing so, NS1 is paving the way for new, exciting technology use cases and architectures on the horizon that will evolve how enterprises connect applications to audiences everywhere.

There’s so much more to discover about NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI. To get started, check out some of the below resources.

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