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Alex Vayl
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Alex Vayl on
May 27, 2015
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Announcing Support for New Relic as a Data Source

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Starting today, you can configure Data Feeds to integrate with alerts from New Relic.

Many customers that trust NS1 to intelligently route traffic to their applications also trust New Relic to ensure their performance and availability is top notch. Now you can use these two great technologies together — a platform high­five. It’s an easy way to make certain that only healthy parts of your infrastructure are used by NS1’s routing algorithms.

About the Integration
New Relic can alert you when your applications and/or servers experience downtime. To configure NS1 to receive these alerts you need to create a Webhook alerting channel in New Relic's portal. Use the Feed URL generated for this NS1 data source as the New Relic Webhook target. When configuring your New Relic alerting polices for servers and applications, be sure to enable downtime alerts; NS1 ignores all other alert conditions like CPU, memory, and so on. At this time, we support only New Relic version 2 alerts. We will add support for version 3 alerts once that product emerges from beta. Data feeds from this source update the up metadata field.

Getting started is simple. Head over to the Data Sources section of our portal and look for the New Relic icon. Click it and follow the simple instructions shown.

The same functionality is available via our REST API so this entire setup process can be automated.

We’re always eager to hear about cool ideas for integrations. If you have one, get in touch!

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