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Kris Beevers
Posted by
Kris Beevers on
June 28, 2018

Announcing Private DNS: Putting NS1’s Next-Generation DNS Stack Directly in Your Hands

DNS is a nearly ubiquitous protocol that enables the network communications of most connected applications today, both across the internet, and inside enterprise environments. For many years, the DNS ecosystem has been bifurcated between internet facing DNS technologies such as Managed DNS networks, and self hosted DNS appliances for deployment inside the enterprise datacenter.

In the last decade, everything in application delivery and infrastructure has changed. Today, we’re in a world of public and private cloud, containers, DevOps tooling and methodologies, microservice architectures, and high velocity infrastructure driven by automation up and down the stack across complex hybrid environments. DNS technologies – in both internet facing and self hosted enterprise environments – hadn’t kept up with these tectonic shifts.

In 2013, NS1 set out to change that by bringing next generation DNS software, purpose built from the ground up for dynamic and distributed infrastructure environments and applications, into the market through our Managed DNS offering. Our approach didn’t just resonate – it shook the industry. Today, the leading internet brands and enterprises trust our software and Managed DNS products – which have grown to include Dedicated DNS, Managed DNS for China, and Pulsar – in the most critical path of their highest value applications. You interact with dozens of domains delivered by NS1 every day as you navigate the web, use apps on your phone, or do anything else online.

Today, we are excited to announce that we’re bringing our same innovative, software driven approach for next-generation DNS into self hosted enterprise environments, with our new Private DNS offering.

Just as internet applications have been transformed by automation and IaaS, today’s enterprise environments are rapidly gaining velocity. The next-generation enterprise datacenter looks more like an elastic and automated public cloud facility than a stodgy IT closet, and is driven at software velocity at a pace that far outstretches the rack-and-stack environments of yesteryear. In this next-generation enterprise environment, DNS appliances built to be operated by hand by IT administrators, with automation only bolted on as an afterthought, are outdated antiquities that hold back progress instead of driving it.

The same problems NS1 has solved with our next-generation Managed DNS technologies are now front and center across the full spectrum of enterprise infrastructure. The modern enterprise may be moving toward the cloud, but will always operate complex, hybrid, multi-faceted infrastructure spanning owned, IaaS, and SaaS deployments. DNS, the entry point to nearly every application both internet facing and internal, is one of the most critical leverage points in this modern enterprise stack for driving velocity and managing complexity.

Private DNS takes the same software that powers the biggest domains on the internet in NS1’s Managed DNS platforms, and delivers it for on-premises, behind-the firewall use cases in the enterprise. All the power of NS1’s next-generation enterprise grade DNS stack, our modern APIs, rapid change propagation, and deep traffic management capabilities, can now be applied to virtualized and containerized environments, microservice applications, geographically distributed intranet applications, corporate DNS, and other internal or self hosted needs. The reliability and security of the software that powers LinkedIn, Dropbox, Salesforce, Squarespace, and hundreds of other internet powerhouses is now in your hands, deployed as containers in flexible, easily managed setups wherever you need it.

It’s time to unlock the opportunity of next-generation DNS to unleash the velocity of your enterprise environment. We’re thrilled to show you Private DNS. Want to check it out? Contact us today!

Read the Private DNS launch Press Release here.