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Kris Beevers
Posted by
Kris Beevers on
January 23, 2023

Announcing Our New NetBox Labs Brand

Making network management easier for operators with open source and cloud

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Today, I’m excited to announce the formation of NetBox Labs, a new business and brand borne from NS1’s investment in NetBox, the leading Network Source of Truth. NetBox’s founder Jeremy Stretch, and the entire NetBox and Orb teams from NS1, have joined NetBox Labs. The growing NetBox Labs team represents a significant expansion of our strategy to support the incredible NetBox community and complement the open source offering with our easy to use, enterprise grade NetBox Cloud solution.

When we first began to invest directly in NetBox in 2021, our most important focus was supporting the vibrant NetBox open source community. That remains true today. One of our findings has been that there is an incredible symbiosis between supporting the open source NetBox project, and delivering a commercial offering with NetBox Cloud. This enhances the value of NetBox and lowers barriers for NetOps teams to improve their operations and lean into modernization and automation initiatives. We built a team at NS1 to contribute to open source NetBox and build NetBox Cloud in early 2022, and we began serving Cloud customers soon thereafter.

As we head into 2023 and NetBox Labs takes flight, NetBox Cloud is a rapidly growing business with dozens of enterprise customers, and our investment in the NetBox community is growing faster than ever. We’ve proven we can build a great business by investing in and empowering the open source NetBox community.

Our vision for NetBox Labs is gigantic. Through our experiences with NetBox and the broader networking ecosystem, we’ve seen it’s time for innovation in network management and automation, and we believe the time has come for open source technologies to disrupt the space. We’ve fostered other open source projects as well, including Orb, the next generation open source Network Observability platform, as well.

That’s why it’s time for NetBox Labs to stand on its own. The need is proven and the opportunity is huge, and NetBox and Orb deserve a fully dedicated business to capitalize on the momentum we’ve built.

At the same time, NS1’s mission remains critical. We connect audiences to the world’s most important applications, through innovation in the foundations of the network. Our Managed DNS and other application delivery offerings power the connected world, and are foundational to many of the interactions all of us have, every day. Creating NetBox Labs enables us to effectively address the massive open source network management opportunity, while ensuring that the NS1 team can stay fully focused on our core Managed DNS and Traffic Steering offerings, evolving them to meet the scale and complexity of today's applications with more capabilities for reliability, security, efficiency and performance.

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