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Kris Beevers
Posted by
Kris Beevers on
May 22, 2019
NS1 Labs

Announcing NS1 Enterprise DDI

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Enterprise DDI: Built for High-Velocity Application Deployment and Delivery 

When we started NS1 more than half a decade ago, we did so because we recognized everything had changed in the way applications were built and delivered – application environments had become more dynamic and distributed because of the emergence of cloud, devops, microservice architectures, and automation.  These modern application delivery stacks are deeply complex and rapidly evolving, and to keep up, devops teams need modern tools to orchestrate traffic as infrastructure conditions and workloads change. Without such tools, end users receive a poor experience, IT teams suffer inefficient drag that slows application development and delivery, and velocity, security, and reliability risks are introduced into the application delivery process.

At NS1, we saw a huge opportunity to unlock value by modernizing a key lever in the application traffic stack: DNS lookup.  DNS is a ubiquitous protocol and is the entrypoint to nearly every networked application, but DNS has historically been underappreciated as a strategic tool in the traffic stack.  We were right – today, NS1’s software defined approach to DNS, which enables teams to move quickly with automation and integration, and solve huge performance, efficiency, and security problems, powers the critical applications of the biggest properties on the internet and in the enterprise.  You interact with NS1’s technologies hundreds or thousands of times a day as you use apps on your phone, browse the web, visit the bank, book flights, and much more.

In the past several years, we’ve seen our customers investing aggressively in optimizing not just their global application traffic, but also the internal operations of their application delivery infrastructure and IT systems.  Over and over, our customers have asked us to bring our DNS and traffic management technologies into their environments to unlock the strategic value of modern DNS for their microservice architectures, application orchestration setups and developer workflows, multi and hybrid cloud environments, and datacenter automation initiatives.  Last year, we announced Private DNS as a result, and today Private DNS powers high velocity, mission critical infrastructure behind everything from the largest online games to the robots that build next-gen cars in automation driven factories.

Today, we are announcing NS1’s Enterprise DDI offering.  NS1 Enterprise DDI is the next step in our mission to unlock the strategic value of modern, flexible, automation and integration driven DNS and network management technologies for enterprises.

We’re freeing technology teams who have been held back in their application deployment and delivery strategies by drag from the legacy DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (IPAM) systems they’ve been stuck with for decades.  Legacy DDI technologies are built by appliance vendors with a 1990s era mindset. Automation and velocity are afterthoughts, and legacy DDI boxes simply don’t fit the requirements of modern applications for tight automation and integration into devops and workload orchestration stacks, rapid global change propagation, granular real-time traffic management, deep visibility into resource utilization, and end-to-end management and optimization of traffic from end users on the internet all the way through to microservices in the application environment.  Only NS1’s fully integrated suite enables teams to use the same modern DDI stack across use cases ranging from high performance delivery of global traffic, to service discovery in highly orchestrated and automated cloud or datacenter environments, and everything in between.

Just as NS1 has upended the way enterprises extract strategic leverage from their internet facing DNS to optimize user experience, drive efficiency and modernization, and mitigate risk, we’re announcing NS1 Enterprise DDI to do the same for fundamental network management infrastructure.

We want to hear from you.  What frustrates you about your legacy DDI?  What excites you most about a modern, software defined, automation driven approach to DDI?  We’re here to help. Click here to learn more about NS1 Enterprise DDI today, or drop us a note to have a discussion with our experts about modernizing your DDI setup.

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