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Alex Vayl
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Alex Vayl on
March 15, 2016

Announcing Dedicated DNS: The Industry's Only SaaS DNS Solution Deployed on Customer-Controlled Infrastructure

Today, we're excited to announce NS1's newest product addition, Dedicated DNS.

Dedicated DNS is the first SaaS-based model for managing DNS and application traffic for public, private, and hybrid public/private networks. Dedicated DNS can be deployed to service public-facing websites and applications as well as internal DNS use cases including:

  • Split horizon DNS
  • Private network DNS
  • Redundant DNS

Only NS1 is able to address both public and internal DNS needs for large organizations with stringent reliability and performance requirements, with a single unified platform and single management interface. 

Dedicated DNS is an advanced alternative to labor-intensive, do-it-yourself DNS deployments as well as costly proprietary appliance-based solutions. It delivers the power and capabilities of NS1’s platform in a SaaS model that allows customers to deploy on infrastructure they control both on-prem and in the Cloud.

Click here to download the data sheet

Why Dedicated DNS is Important

DNS is a business-critical network application that is foundational to virtually every IT service. Prior to this offering, customers had only two choices: place their DNS on a shared public DNS managed service or self-deploy/self-manage DNS on their own infrastructure. With Dedicated DNS, enterprises gain the benefits of a world-class DNS service deployed on infrastructure they control, architected to their specifications. 

When combined with NS1's Managed DNS, NS1 customers can meet all their DNS needs – from high volume public DNS requiring advanced intelligent traffic management capabilities, to rock solid internal DNS, even behind the corporate firewall – all through a single solution.

Jim Davis, Senior Analyst at 451 Group explains:

"Cloud and agile development methods have enabled enterprises to deploy applications more rapidly, but networks are still a fairly inflexible piece in the enterprise IT architecture. Given that reliable DNS is the foundation of cloud computing services, it makes sense for enterprises to look to the use of intelligent managed DNS services as a tool to help them fully realize the promise of cloud-based infrastructure."

Read the full press release here.

Hero image credit: Mike Seyfang