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Warren Mead
Posted by
Warren Mead on
June 3, 2019

5 Reasons Partners Want to Visit NS1 at Cisco Live

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I am very excited to be going to Cisco Live in San Diego next week. NS1 is attending for the first time, and we are excited to meet Cisco partners that are looking to enhance their networking, security and DevOps practices. NS1 will be in the Cloud Security Village at Cisco Live. Below are the 5 reasons you want to stop by and see us!

1 - Umbrella Relationship

If you are actively selling/positioning Cisco Umbrella into your customers NS1 is a great complementary solution. NS1 is working with Cisco Umbrella and will be in the Cloud Security Village. The combination of Umbrella and NS1 can eliminate external threats and optimize internal application development and deployment. The joint solution is a great alternative to legacy DDI solutions.

2 - It’s all About the Applications

If end user application experience is critical to your customers’ success, then you need an advanced traffic steering solution based on real-time analytics to deliver optimal performance. NS1 is like Waze for your customers’ applications that will enhance end user experience, improving efficiency while ensuring reliability. If you are building out a DevOps practice around technologies like HashiCorp, Docker and Kubernetes, NS1 is a great attach to optimize application development and deployment.

3 - Enhance your APM and SD-WAN Practice

If you have an APM practice around AppDynamics and/or an SD-WAN practice around Cisco SD-WAN, then NS1 is a great attach or follow on sales play. You can front end your application performance monitoring solution with advanced traffic steering from NS1 to deliver action results and avoid bottlenecks in real time. The same NS1 solution can also be used to enhance the SD WAN offering around end user experience.

4 - Bring New Technology to Your Customers

The DDI market has been around for 20 years, and the technology has not really evolved since its inception. NS1 Enterprise DDI is a modern solution that is containerized, API-driven and supports your customers’ rapid DevOps builds and deployments. Bringing new technology to your customers is a great way to drive more customer engagement and establish you and your team as a true trusted advisor when it comes to disruptive technology.

5 - Deliver Value Together

NS1 is delivering DDI as a subscription service offering partners a great opportunity for new business, expansion business and renewals. We provide partners the ability to create an annuity stream of margin for your NS1 customers. It is a great way to start a year or quarter knowing what renewal business is already going to happen and where you can focus on expansion for growth. And as we all know, it’s always easier to sell to existing customers before finding new ones.

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