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Devin Bernosky
Posted by
Devin Bernosky on
November 19, 2019
NS1 News

3 Challenges of Traditional DDI—And How NSI’s Enterprise DDI Solves Them

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Digital infrastructures are more complex than ever before. Teams are expected to maintain constantly evolving, modern application delivery stacks and need tools to manage traffic effectively to provide seamless customer experiences. Downtime is not an option when it comes to these mission-critical applications—teams must deliver.

One often-overlooked element in the application traffic stack is the DNS lookup. DNS is a ubiquitous protocol and the entry point to nearly every networked application, but teams have been relying on the same outdated technology for almost 20 years.

It’s time for a change. . That’s why we recently introduced NS1’s Enterprise DDI, providing modern, flexible automation and integration-driven DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management for enterprises.

We like to think of the age-old adage "if it's not broken, don't fix it." For many years, DDI has existed as an "OK solution." But as we started talking with customers, it became clear that challenges exist. And today, we're going to break down a few of them.

  • Challenge #1: Traditional DDI solutions lead to slow application rollouts and updates. DevOps teams move quickly and incumbent DDI systems can’t keep pace with their needs. Traditional DNS updates can take hours or days, stalling any promise of quick iterations, causing DevOps and cloud teams to fall behind on their delivery timelines. As a result, the app-driven business falls behind the competition.
  • The Solution: NS1’s Enterprise DDI enables faster, more efficient application rollouts. When NS1 was introduced to the market, we understood the power of rich, performant, RESTful APIs that make interactions easy. Our solution allows DNS changes to propagate in seconds, rather than the complete restarts needed by traditional tools. We also integrate with popular infrastructure tools to improve efficiency throughout your operations.

  • Challenge #2: Traditional DDI solutions can only support antiquated deployment models. Many traditional DDI solutions rely on physical hardware that’s expensive, limited, and cumbersome. Changes or upgrades often require new physical appliances to be deployed, delaying innovation. This model doesn’t support automation or orchestration, and is simply not scalable for today’s technology teams.

  • The Solution: NS1’s Enterprise DDI offers a microservices-based, containerized service that is flexible to support hyper-automation and orchestration. Our solution allows you to spin up new architecture on your terms, eliminating the need to wait for physical boxes to be sent. It can live anywhere, whether that’s in your data center or in the cloud. The speed of deployment is on-demand to meet the needs of your DevOps teams, who can leverage hyper-automation and orchestration to optimize your processes.

  • Challenge #3: Traditional DDI solutions don’t provide adequate visibility. When there is no centralized view of private IP space, teams can’t get the full picture of where services reside within hybrid environments. For example, if the DDI team manages on-premise and cloud DNS using two different products and API endpoints, the likelihood of routing conflicts that causes application outages dramatically increases. Teams can’t see inefficiencies or where they need to allocate resources, leaving themselves open to mismanagement pitfalls.

  • The Solution: NS1’s Enterprise DDI provides unified service discovery. Our solution provides a centralized view of where applications, services, and devices live in your environment. live on your network. This makes it easy to allocate resources as you need them and satisfies compliance requirements.

NS1 Enterprise DDI empowers teams, freeing them from the challenges presented by legacy DNS, DHCP, and IPAM systems. With this technology, teams can adopt and integrate new tools, develop and deploy applications faster than ever before, and support technology across multi-cloud, HQ and branch office environments.Have questions about what makes NS1’s Enterprise DDI so unique? Click here to learn more about NS1’s Enterprise DDI, or shoot us an email and we’ll discuss your current setup and how our solution can help.

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